I Went There *Today*!


I went through the temple on May 9th, 2015!  We woke up early, put on church clothes, and drove the 45 minutes to the St Louis Temple.  The rainy weather didn’t drag us down and it was a wonderful experience.  I am thankful for worthy parents to take Abby and I through in our first endowment session.

I am excited to return time and time again to learn more from the Lord throughout my life!  That Saturday was just the beginning of a lifetime of temple learning.

Receiving my endowment that day reminded me of how excited I am to be married for TIME AND ALL ETERNITY to my future husband at some point in the next decade(according to my very well thought out “life plan” of course!) in a Holy House of the Lord.  What a happy and joyous day that will be!

There is not a temple in my mission so I will be attending several times before we leave for the CCM en Lima, and from what I understand, once a week while in the CCM!  I am excited for that, and excited to return to the temple when I come home in 2016.

I hope the temple has blessed many of your lives and that eventually it may come to bless more of yours one way or another!


PS. I also ate a warm donut that day.  It was delicious.


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