How NOT to be a Frumpy Sister Missionary

When we think of Sister Missionaries, we often think of girls in long black or grey skirts, with ill fitting button downs and shoes that shouldn’t see the light of day.  I am here to say that I WILL NOT BE THAT SISTER!  And you don’t have to be that sister either! When I decided to serve a mission, I also decided that I wanted to be a cute sister missionary, keeping the mantra “When you look good, you feel good.  When you feel good, you do good.” in the back of my mind.  If you don’t feel confident about the way you look, or don’t feel comfortable in your clothes and shoes, you are going to have a harder time feeling and responding to the promptings of the Spirit.  As a missionary this is, of course, incredibly important, so that is why I think you should want to look and feel cute.  You don’t have to serve a mission and be frumpy for 18 months, you can still feel beautiful!

I spent WEEKS painstakingly searching through the internet for hours at a time to find modest cute clothing.  Let me tell you– if there is a modest website on the internet I have found it.  I seriously believe that I have found every single modest website that could possibly exist in this world.  And I want to share them with you!  May my hours of labor take a load off YOUR shoulders as you prepare for a mission, prepare for your endowment, or simply want cute modest clothing to wear.

*I learned, following my endowment, that mission appropriate clothing is much more conservative than garment appropriate clothing, just something to keep in mind.*

Useful sites that require some digging:

Zulily— you have to sign up for but has really good deals on stuff if you jump on it quickly
Physical Stores:
Anthropologie– rather expensive but has a WICKED good clearance section.
DownEast– if you live in UT, you know that DownEast also carries nice brands for really cheap, so don’t miss out, ALSO if you go to USU they have a caselot sale each semester.
LOFT– this is my favorite store, it has a wonderful wonderful final clearance section so go check it out.
Kohl’s– Perfect for blouses and cardigans!
Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, consignment stores, or the DI– I got almost all of my blouses from these types of stores, because they are cheap and have cute stuff if you do some digging.  I also got Abby some dresses from stores like this.
Sister Missionary Mall in Provo– Abby and I went down there, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.  Noone wants to pay 40$ for a blouse, my suggestion is not to even bother.
Mission Worthy:
Roolee Boutique— physical store in Logan
Latter-Day Sister Missionary— REVERSIBLE SKIRTS YALL(we didn’t order any, but still)
Many of these sites offer missionary discounts.  They also tend to carry many of the same items and designers, so you can dig around to find the size, color, and price that works best for you!
Poppy & Dot(best shopped on Instagram)
Sol Boutique(best shopped on instagram)
For you taller ladies, or if you really want some coverage, try Long Tall Sally, J Jill and eShakti!
Skirt Overload:
Choies— this one was our particular favorite, Abby got 2 skirts from them, and bloggers everywhere buy stuff from Choies
Be careful with sizing on these ones, and they take a lot of digging but I liked them.  Some of them might be a little raunchy at first glance, but search “midi” and it gets better, these will be good for future reference too!
Everyday stores we’ve all heard of that have good offerings:
TJ Maxx
The last 6 on this list were kind of useless, but have potential for future use!  Don’t be scared of the price tags either, clearance is everybody’s best friend, and J Crew/J Crew Factory clearance are perfect for shirts, shorts that are long enough, and swimsuits, all for pretty affordable prices!

Okay, so here are some comments on the clothing that Abby and I ordered.
For skirts I ordered a lot of outdoorsy type ones with elastic waistbands that could work well for my hot climate.  We ended up not trying any of the reversible skirts, but they do have really great reviews!
Shirt-wise Abby and I actually ordered a lot of outdoor brand t-shirts in solid colors and some stripes from 6pm!  I looked for wicking, quick drying, UPF shirts from Columbia, North Face, Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour(UA Tech shirts to be exact! lots of colors and some patterns).  We both knew that these would be really good for the heavy humidity, and the loads of rain(at least 50% of the time for me actually…), so we call them our tracting shirts!  And the logos on the chest can easily be covered by a name tag!  My favorite shirt purchase was my layering tee from Dainty Jewell’s! I plan on getting others when I get home!  Other than that I actually had a lot of stuff in my closet I could bring, I got most of my blouses and cardigans from Kohls and Plato’s Closet, and oodles of Down East Wonder Tees on sale throughout this school year.  I got cuter t-shirts from J Crew, J Crew Factory, and Land’s End.  
For dresses, Boden was our number one resource because you can order all of the dresses in LONG *hallelujah chorus*!  Other than that, I got some outdoorsy quality ones from 6pm, and cuter ones from Down East. 

 Okay, let’s take a minute and talk about shoes.  If you know me well, you know that a) I love shoes, b) I love a good deal, and c) that I have incredibly flat feet that hurt most of the time.  With these facts in mind, let me share a couple things.
I have heard quite often lately that many sisters wear Croc flats on their missions, and if that works for your feet I say do it!  They are cute, come in different styles, lots of colors, and can be found for relatively cheap with some digging on the internet and in stores.
BUT! if you can wear open-toed shoes GET CHACOS.  Do not question it, just go and do it.  I seriously have the flattest feet ever, they hurt all the time, I have to wear inserts in all my shoes, and I avoid ever being barefoot or wearing sandals or flat shoes because of this– but Chacos CHANGED EVERYTHING, I can put them on and my feet FEEL BETTER. Dig around on the internet though, they can always be found cheaper than the Chaco website says(Sierra Trading Post often has deals on Chacos, apparently the Chaco website also has a wicked good military deal, although I’m not quite sure how it works).
Tevas are also really good I’ve heard, although Chacos work for me so I’ve never tried them.  But Tevas are almost ALWAYS on sale on Urban Outfitters or Nordstrom for pretty cheap so do some digging.  But Chacos will last the entire mission and some I can pretty much guarantee it!  Keens also have good reviews, I don’t think they are very cute, but give em a shot!
I, unfortunately can’t wear Chacos in my mission, so I bought several pairs of my inserts and various kinds of heavy duty flats for walking around all day(I got red, black, silver, and brown).
Due to the rain in my mission I did a lot of research and decided on a pair of Kamik rainboots.  They had really great reviews and I needed something lighter than 2lb-a-piece Hunter boots, that would NOT be suitable for hiking around in all day.  They come in lots of styles and great colors!  I got mine from Amazon.
In case of sudden rain showers, I purchased a “packable” light weight raincoat from Columbia so that I can carry it around always in my bag(two varieties- here and here)!
Abby and I REALLY wanted to carry Kavus around, but they are a little too small(we got the Sydney and Singapore).  After hearing from friend about Timbuk2 bags, I did a little research.  And after watching this video we were hooked!  I found some for a little bit cheaper than the official website I think on Wayfair, but do some digging and see what you can come up with
Poppy Clips are a little random accessory that I really want to invest in for the mission to wear with scarfs, my rainboots, on skirt hems, shirt sleeves, or cardigans, the list is endless.  Try em out if you think you’d like em!
Bolder Bands are a new brand of headbands that have rave reviews.  I ended up ordering both black and silver so that I won’t have to wear bandanas on my mission.  I am super excited for them but have no review on them myself quite yet, but I suggest giving them a look!
We also got headlamps because the electricity in our missions(especially mine) is a little sketchy, so they will be handy for rainy days, early mornings, or late nights in the apartment.
Finally, were you aware that SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER BARS EXIST? Because they do!  And I am going to try one out and see if it can work as a lighter alternative to shampoo & conditioner in my luggage.

Modest swimsuits:
*Here’s a neat video about the Evolution of the Swimsuit by Jessice Rey founder of Rey Swimwear*
Future Mommy Clothes:
Fancy Modest Dress Up:
Marelus Evening Wear-– AKA where I am going to get my wedding dress*cross your fingers*
Good luck and good hunting dear sisters!

Once I get started on packing I will post more comments and a detailed list of everything that I am putting in my bag to bring down to South America!

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