Expecto Patronum

As many of you know it is ABC Family’s Harry Potter Weekend right now.  I am not a huge Harry Potter nerd, I  mean I read all the books in elementary school(don’t remember those at all), and I have of course seen all the movies(although some of them I don’t really remember either), but I’m not super knowledgable about any of it, so I am enjoying re-watching them before I leave here soon! Watching them, especially know that I am a little older, reminds me a lot of C S Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia books.  There are a lot of wonderful tidbits and modicums of hope and love throughout each of these novels and movies, that can easily be applied to the Gospel and to life in general.  C S Lewis also has many wonderful and inspiring quotes about his beliefs that could maybe make your day or someone else’s!

In our YSA ward at USU, we had ward prayer Sunday nights and introductions to go along with it.  Our two must-be-asked questions, amongst others, were “What is your favorite Disney prince/princess?” and “What is your patronus AKA your spirit animal?”.  I personally like the Beast(but only when he’s a beast) and Shang(because Asian duh, not to mention other admirable qualities), and my spirit animal is, of course, a hyena.  Probably a striped hyena.  Maybe a wolverine…

A patronus, as explained by Professor Lupin is a powerful charm used to ward off dementors that feed on your soul.  Its also something to note that “dementor” sounds strangely similar to “tormentor”… Perhaps its a hint that we shouldn’t let negative feelings and memories control our lives or make us feel depressed or alone.

My question however is, why did we never ask what someones expecto patronum moment would be?  That time when they felt absolute pure happiness, a moment they can remember and allow to fill their minds?  I feel that the answer to such a question would be very telling about the nature and life of an individual that we are not familiar with.  I have been thinking about this question myself this past weekend so that I can jot it down and remember it, and allow it to fill my mind and actions when the mission gets hard.  So I encourage each of you to ask and answer “What is your expecto patronum moment?

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