Mission Picturrrres!

I am so very very excited to share my mission adventures and spiritual findings with all of you who’ve found yourself here on my little bit of the “webosphere”!  These are a selection of the mission pictures Abby and I had taken as we countdown to our mission report date– it’s TEN DAYS Y’ALL!

                                            Mission Pictures (web ready)-55Mission Pictures (web ready)-23

Abby and I aren’t really nervous yet either.  I’ve been thinking about it and I really don’t think I could be any more prepared than I am now.  Moving around a lot has given me the opportunity of living in areas with not a lot of members.  In some places I’ve had the chance to comfortably discuss my religious beliefs with others and clear up any misconceptions they may have had about the Church.

Mission Pictures (web ready)-39Mission Pictures (web ready)-35

Love me some Happy Socks(and any other socks that make me smile)!

I have tried my best to be a good example(although I am certainly not always perfect at that!) of the kind of people Mormons are and how happy our beliefs have made me over the years.  I hope these pictures show that love and happiness the Gospel has given me– and how excited I am to share it with the people of Bolivia!  Can’t wait to get down there!

Mission Pictures (web ready)-47Mission Pictures (web ready)-15Mission Pictures (web ready)-46

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