June 17, 2015 {Arrival in Lima}: I’m Alive!

 I hope everyone is well!  Lima reminds me so much of Brasil. It’s wonderful! I keep on wanting to say Portuguese words versus Spanish ones haha. oh! And I already lost something… left my brush at home haha *and so it begins*.
I met a girl in my mission!! Hermana Nelson, she’s my MTC companion too!  And some girl from my Florida Especially For Youth group is here, but she’s from the Dominican Republic so she is in the 2 week group.
You all should read Ode on Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood by William Wordsworth. I love his sweet little testimony on truths he discovered throughout his life– It’s long, but definitely worth the read or listen!
I am excited to learn more spanish words so I can speak it, although its been pretty easy to read everything.  There was trash in the streets last night(didn’t arrive at the MTC until 3ish I think), just like the South America I knew and will learn to love again.
The flight was easy, long but easy.  Sat next to a nice sister from Houston and she’s also in my room.  There was about 20 or so of us I’d say, with the VAST majority being sisters.  Hermana Nelson and I are the only ones going out of Peru. Theres about 5 sisters in the Peru South mission though!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana E Butikofer
PS if any of you are in my group email, but not Abby’s, let me know and we can add you into hers! 🙂
Arrival at Lime Airport
A kind gentleman on the flight snapped this photo of Erin, Abby and two other sisters upon their arrival at the Lima Airport. He texted it to me! 🙂 They all look happy after a long day of travel. ~Leslie

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