June 24, 2015 {Week 1}: It’s Been a Good Week

It’s been a good week! I can’t remember what I said last week, but it feels like we’ve been here forever.
We’ve already begun some teaching IN SPANISH!  I am shocked at how quickly the language is coming.  It’s quite a blessing, and Portuguese is the biggest blessing EVER!  I can understand almost everything, I just can’t speak it all.  I am excited to get down to grammar in the coming weeks.
Soccer everyday and I’ve made friends with some of the Latina u Latino misioneros.  They are so friendly and nice!
I could understand the entire Trujillo temple dedication and talks from the oradors in Spanish!  It was awesome!
I had a rough time with my companion to start, and for those who know me it really isn’t a surprise.  But we had a little heart to heart yesterday so it was really great.
My favorite word this week is servilleta!  Or napkin en Ingles!  The Argentinians pronounce it differently.  My companera, Hermana N is also going to Bolivia Santa Cruz Norte!  And apparently 2 Americana sisters left for there the day before we arrived here.  I literally can’t believe how well the Spanish is coming.
My motto is SPOTT= Study Pray Obey Teach Testify.  I like it and it’s easy to remember and is exactly how a missionary should be living and working.
PDay was fun today!  We got to go to the temple and into the city.  Inca Cola is good and mild, like all the food here.  Lots of salt, lime juice y aji sauce is required for ALL meals.  But it’s good and hearty.  I’m not getting chubby yet though! hahaha
I’ve started studying Corinthians and it’s way good!  Ya’ll should all go read the first chapter of 1 Corinthians.
The Americans staying in Peru have to go to immigration twice, so on those days mi companera y yo have been getting one on one lessons!  Yesterday our teacher told us that we have the best Spanish in our disctrict and that we need to work on it very hard to become Latinas in 4 weeks!  If we want to and we can pass a test in 4 weeks we can have Latina companeras for the last 2 weeks so that’s the goal!
Another motto= what we lack in skill we make up for in enthusiasm!  Anything can be fun with some enthusiasm!
I am hoping to be fluent in both Spanish y futbol by the end of 18 months!  I think it’s possible!  I have had several Latinos ask me where I am from bahahaha!  Still getting stereotyped hahaha!
I think that’s everything for this week.
Oh and Happy Fathers Day!  Love you all!  Do good and be good, enjoy your week!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana E Butikofer
This is the only picture I have from Erin this week and to be honest I’m not sure who is who.

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