July 1, 2015 {Week 2}: Lo Hicimos! We Did It!

We made it to 2 weeks, officially intermedios now!
I realized that I don’t know if any pictures sent last week, and I don’t know if any will send this week.  I wish we had more time for emails! Ahhhh!!
I’ve heard its really expensive to send things home, and no one is willing to check out the post office but maybe once I get to Bolivia I will have time to send some letters and such home to los Estados Unidos!
I wish I had an english dictionary, which is weird, but now I always have a craving to really get down to what the meaning of words in ENGLISH is.  Mi mejor amigo(my dictionary) was lost for a couple days, but the black hole of Elder H’s bag produced it one afternoon, no one understands how!
I absolutely LOVE our teachers.  They are only like 4 years older than we are, but their English is very good.  And they just know how to teach us.  They are powerful in gospel things and in Spanish things.  I am SO GLAD we can have them for 6 weeks.
A couple of my favorite latinas left just 2 days ago!  Hermanas S, G, S, D, y A!  Hermana A took a picture with me and mi compañera because she is from our Santa Cruz! So she wants her mom to keep an eye out for us. We got in a massive wave of new American and Latino missionaries this week.  We are at full capacity here at la CCM, and I believe its back to the favor of Elders, unfortunately.  For a while we really did have mostly hermanas.  Hermana N and I are still the solamente misioneros that are going to Bolivia Santa Cruz Norte, but I have met many Latinos who are from there.
The CCM in general got a talking to about flirting too much, although it certainly wasn’t because of us, but we do see it occaionslly from the “older” grupos de Norte Americanos en la CCM.
Most of us siempre tenemos hambre (we are always hungry).  The portions are really small for the most part so I haven’t really gained any weight despite the rice and potatoes for 2 meals a day cada dia.  The food, for the most part, is good and filling but lacks flavor.  Lime juice and spicy stuff on everything is necessary haha.
The MTC is fun and teaching lessons to our fake investigators is fun.  For the first week, I actually HAD  enough words to teach.  But I try to add about 50 new ones to my vocabualry each day, any new word I don’t know I write down and read and study, throughout the week.  Spanish is easy in many ways I think.  Everyone assumes I speak it, even the temple workers and Latinas!  And then when they realize that I don’t I explain about you and grandpa and bla bla bla hahaha.
The Latinas, and my teachers, keep saying that we too can be Latinos if we keep practicing and speaking and maintaing high goals for ourselves(they showed us a video sobre misioneras in Turkey!)  I dont think as a district we are pushing ourselves hard enough, but not everyone is comfoprtable with working any harder so we shall see.  GUESS WHAT!?  If we want to, and if we work hard enough, in 2 weeks we can take a test and if you pass you can have a Latina compañera for the last 2 weeks!  How fun would that be!!  I haven’t decided yet if that’s something I will want to do, but I am thinking about it FOR SURE.
Anyways, don’t forget to change your life.  That’s my take away for the week.  Every day is new, and a new year is only a year away.  But if you want to start fresh, just CHOOSE to.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana E Butikofer
Making herself at home in the MTC
I believe this is Erin (holding the selfie stick) with her sister’s (far right) district
Hermanas Butikofer at the Lima Peru Temple
Finally! A picture of Erin and her companion

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