July 8, 2015 {Week 3}: Days Are Flying

Every week I forget something because it is just so dang stressful! [Leslie here…the stress is due to the limited computer time and the number of emails she would like to respond to]  So bear with me, if stuff seems incomplete or haphazard(b/c it is!)
I have bruises all over mis piernas siempre due to soccer!  It’s fun, but the nuevo Americans are kind of annoyingly serious, so we are trying to temper them some.
My pretty little drawing was for one of our investigators but you could basically say that I’m Picasso! *hair flip*
We had a devotional this week in Spanish and I could understand ALL OF IT without a translator!  We finally learned future tense which is incredibly helpful in talking to actual people and to investigators when we ask them questions.  We had TRC this week, not really sure what it means, but my companion y yo taught a lesson to a stranger with zero preparation, because it was supposed to be like we had just knocked on their door and met them, but it was just in the little casitas out in the courtyard.  It was fun and a little nerve racking but not as much you would think.
Today at the grocery store, we met a nice Peruvian man on the sidewalk.  He asked me, in Spanish mind you, if I was Latina!  hahaha, everyone assumes I speak Spanish here too–  eventually I hope to be able to respond in perfect Spanish that I don’t!  I’ve given up explaining anything beyond the fact that sure, my mom and her family are de España, so that’s my life story now hahaha.  At least for my time in Peru!  He also said that my dark skin made me prettier than the other sisters I was with. bahaha.
I wish I had memorized Disney songs before coming down here, or that we could listen to them.  It would’ve been awesome to sing with the girls in the bathrooms in the evenings, although for now we sing the different parts to church hymns which is fun.
I wish I had had some of these teaching skills when I was back home, would’ve made it INFINITELY easier to answer questions from friends.  But now I will in 18 months!  So I’m excited.  I can’t believe we´ve already made it to the 1/2 way mark aqui en la CCM!  Going into the field will be way fun.
It’s getting weird now to hear our teachers speak in English. Classes are pretty much 100% in Spanish but some of us in the district still need help with Spanish so English is still necessary.

oh!  And happy late 4th of July!
Just another year in the bucket for me in which I’ve missed celebrating it, 6 years and counting dang it.  Like a third of my life hahaha.  Some of the girls in my room had said that they have realized that America isn’t as great as we think it is, but the United States is still number one in my opion hahahaha, and  always will be.  I love South America so far though, although I am relived that I won’t be in as huge a city as Lima Peru(did I mentiont 10 MILLION people!?), so Bolivia will be fun.  And from the Bolivian missioanries they speak pretty slowly and prettily, although our Peruvian teachers have wonderful pretty Spanish too.  Cant wait to sound Latina, por que yo soy Latina en mi corazón!  I read 1 Nephi 13 and 2 Nephi 1 on the Fourth July to give me some ‘Merica Spirit!  I love those chapters so ridiculously much.
I hope you all have a wonderul wonderul week!
Continue con fe (Alma 58:37),
Hermana E Butikofer

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