July 15, 2015 {Week 4}: Pantalones

I really miss wearing pants.  I think I’m going to write an ode to pants.  I really love pants, I miss them… Which brings me to a story.  This is it folks!  This is the story that you all knew would happen to me(or something of the like) and you’ve just been patiently waiting.  I devote this to my college roommates who called something like this.
So last week after writing home we went to play soccer, and obviously I looked super cute in my jersey(Brasil, b/c they don’t have Bolivia) and my comfy colorful Peruvian pants.  Well we were discussing with the other Americans what jersey they were referring to and I am just standing and kind of walking, but I grab my shirt and say “this one?” so everyone, two elders and a handful of sisters, is looking at me….. and guess what happens…….. my pants FALL TO MY KNEES!  Just slip off my waist like nobody’s business.  The Elders covered their eyes and screeched slightly and one of the hermanas was like “Did you do that on purpose??” NO I DID NOT DO THAT ON PURPOSE!! Why would I flash everyone ON PURPOSE?? regardless we laugh about it now, but it was the strangest, most embarrrassing, awkwardest thing that has happened to me.  I laughed, got embarrassed, then ran inside to change pants.  So all is well….
So on Saturday we had our proselyting experience in the Lima Este mission, about 45 minutes from here in La Molina.  It was about what I expected, maybe a little poorer.  It smelled bad, dirt coated literally everything, lots of dogs, a couple drunk guys who creeped on us, lots of cheek kisses, and Spanish I didn’t understand.  We had an American missionary and a miembra de la barria (member of the ward) take us around and we only had one lesson.  I bore my testimony in Spanish!  Their house had a long dirt coated hallway and then an ancient computer from like the 70s and you could see the sky through the roof, but it wasn’t too poverty stricken.  The elders, some of whom, have never left the states said it was life-changing.  I wouldn’t go that far for me, and I don’t have time to describe their experience in full, but what they saw was 10 times worse then what I experienced.  I even personally contacted 2 people and gave them tarjetas! I think its important to absorb all the cultures we find ourselves in.  I am thankful to have moved around so much and had the chance to visit about a dozen major cities both stateside and out of the country to prepare me for this.  I have not been shocked by the amount of people, or the dirt too much, but the poverty has hit me a little bit. However living in Brasil all those years ago definitely prepared me with some perspective.
 I am excited to get out in the field and improve my Spanish– I am doing so well, and all I can do is count my blessings.  We are avancados now and I am excited for the field in a couple weeks. THERE IS 9 NEW LATINO ELDERS GOING TO BSCN (Bolivia Santa Cruz North)!! We finally found them last night!  They said there might be 3 latinas, but we have yet to meet them.
I don’t get to talk to Abby as much as I would like, and obviously I can’t email as much, so I’ve loved peronsal study time, because now I can say that the scriptures are genuinely becoming my best friends.  I highlight better and take lots of notes on stickies and make connections and pray over them and scour them for answers, I love the scriptures SO much.  Can’t wait to truly share that with people in Bolivia!
I haven’t gotten an uninterrupted night’s sleep since I arrived here.  It reminds that Job 7:13 was one of my life mottos at home haha, I hope you enjoy!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Butikofer
District Pic
Temple picture
Erin’s and Abby’s districts

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