July 22 {Week 5}: Adios CCM!

I can’t believe one transfer (a transfer is typically 6 weeks) is already pretty much over!  Thats 1/12 or 1/18 depending on how you look at it.  It’s crazy that after 3 transfers en el campo we will be A THIRD of the way done!  It’s ridiculous how fast it has gone, truly it is, but I am excited if not a little nervous about getting into the field.  Monday or Tuesday of next week I leave, so I don’t know when you’ll hear from me next, but when you do I WILL BE IN BOLIVIA!
Abby and I are on splits today so we spent the afternoon in Lima together and the morning at the temple.  That was my last time in a Temple of The Lord for another 17 months so I definitely relished it.  I love Abby so much, I am so glad she was given to me as my twin!  She’s been a blessing and I know that these 17 months apart will, ironically, bring us closer together.  My scriptures I think about for her are Alma 29:14-17 (linked).  This definitely describes how I feel and will feel about her while we are apart.
Shopping and empanada in Lima!
IMG_0233 - Copy
We spent the morning at the temple.
Modeling our futbol jerseys and Peruvian pants. For those of you who read last week’s post, these are the pants that dropped to my knees while trying to show off my Brasilian futbol jersey!
[These three photos are the last pictures the girls will take with one another for the next 17 months. They are only supposed to take pictures on Pday and because they will be leaving the MTC on Tuesday, this is it.]
One hour of scripture study a day really adds up- I’ve read 134 chapters or so over the past 6 weeks!  I´ve never kept track before but I can’t believe I’ve read that much.  The scriptures are really my best friend now.  I study a chapter in English then followup with it in Spanish, with mi mejor amigo(mi diccionario) by my side to look up definitions of nuevas palabras.
I’m excited to find out what country my trainer is from! We’ve developed definitions of all the different types of Spanish we´ve heard– Columbian is a really funny accent that goes up and down in intonations, Ecuadorian is pretty much impossible to understand they speak so fast, Mexican is wonderful and clear and loud and easy to understand, Argentinians prounounce all double L sounds as “sha” and some of them talk really really softly so it’s impossible to hear and understand them, the Peruvians speak pretty Spanish but sometimes a little fast, still haven’t met many Bolivians, so that evaluation is yet to come.
The weather here is perfect… too bad Santa Cruz def won’t be this way.
Joke of the week:  Elder Checketts: “I thought I would be getting away from my mom on the mission.  But now I have 6!”  bahaha #gringavida #107vamoscontodos
I love my district and will be sad to see them go their separate ways… we’ve already planned a book club when we all find ourselves in UT again post missions!
Mucho amor,
Hermana E Butikofer
[Some additional thoughts extracted from my and Mitch’s personal letters home this week that Erin wanted me to include in this week’s post]:
We have watched some really great stuff about missionary work and the Atonement in various videos during our class time.  I really do think that the trials I will have are necessary to develope my testimony in Christ and to feel in a very, very, very small sense of the word some of the pain he walked.  All paths lead through Calvary. I know I will be working somewhere in the outskirts of Santa Cruz and there will be  times when things get rough, and I know they will get rough.  But I think I am prepared to handle it!
Alma 37:44-45 (linked) are the prettiest scirptures I’ve ever read.  The comparisons Alma makes in such simple but beautiful words is so true.  It doesn’t take much to really stay on the path, you just do it.  The Lord said it and so you do it.  He will support you when you need it and provide guidance at all moments, but espeiclaly when we call upon Him in Christ´s name.  I love how the Standard Works really do add up and play into each other.  It’s beautiful.  I hope that those sciprutres can be a guide to me as I head out into the field and teach investigators. I hope that all I meet can eventually understand and cherish what those scriptures say too.
Some of the girls in our district
Me and my companion, Hermana Nelson
My great friend, Hermana Dougal
YO AMO LA MOLINA (The MTC and the temple are in the Lima suburb of La Molina)


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