August 10, 2015 {Week 8}: Si Se Puede

SO basically this week I learned how to be a housewife.  I’m gonna make a dang good one someday let me tell you!  We cleaned the house for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS last week, without taking break.  I am so glad we did, now I feel like we can actually live there.


Sweaty selfie

Not only that, I am learning how to wash clothes by hand.  I’ve never had whiter whites in my life, let me tell you.  I think someday I’m gonna tell my kids the washer is broken and teach them how to do it by hand.  It’s a good skill, it takes a while, but with some Christmas music hahaha, it’s all good!

I also learned how to cook a bunch of stuff this week!

7 passion fruits
Scoop out the inside and put into a blender.
Add water and blend until smooth.
Add 4-5 heaping spoonfuls of sugar to taste.
Coxinha recipe for next week!  I hope y’all will enjoy those, cause they are dang good.
This week was the Bolivian Independence Day!  So try some of the recipes so you can know what I eat everyday down here!  [Check out the recipes tab] In honor of Bolivian Independence Day, at a ward activity, I also tried alligator tail… a little scared at first, but it was actually pretty good.  Muy rico as they say down here.  I also ate a fish with teeth… REAL TEETH, like teeth like we have teeth.  Luckily the elders showed up at the point where Hermana Huerta and I couldn’t eat anymore, so we left and they ate the other fish that was left.  We both felt a little sick for an hour or so after that meal.  I am hungry all of the time… its a process learning what we should have in the fridge at home.  But by the time the month is out it’ll be down to a science.
It also finally hit me that I AM IN BOLIVIA!!!!!  I live in BOLIVIA THE COUNTRY.  A foreign country in SOUTH AMERICA, learning SPANISH. Spanish!  I am living overseas and I don’t really speak Spanish or understand everything about this culture but here I am, si se puede (yes, it can be done)!  Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece.  Philippians 4:13  It’s incredible to be here.
Oh! and it finally rained hardcore yesterday after church– we weren’t prepared and got soaking wet walking to a member’s house so we changed at home into rainy weather clothes, except the shoes….  hoping they will eventually dry out….
Rainy Sunday afternoon
I basically recognize every single dog in our area, it’s honestly the only way that I know where I am….  Two of the dogs which belong to one of the sisters in our ward , Bolton y Bella, followed us for TWO hours through a neighborhood.  Bolton got lost and didn’t know where he was so he waited impatiently outside a gate before we could walk him back home.  He was so excited to recognize his dog friends!  We have a dog out front we named Sombra(Shade) because he’s super skinny and always sleeping.  Most of the dogs are friendly.

I am still loving my companion and I am so excited to spend her halfway mark together.  We will have a fun day then.  And if you can believe this, I’m pretty sure she loves ice cream MORE than I do!  We eat ice cream a lot as we are wandering around learning how to contact together and walking to lessons, and we drink a lot of cold soda.  She’s never had an ice cream float so that’s on the list for this Pday!  And the zoo!
Which reminds me…  The elders all have alligator and anaconda skin scripture cases which in and of itself is fine. There are too any of those critters anyway, but what bothers me is the jaguar pelt pieces they also have on them!  The elders tried telling me they are leopard and that jagurs are only black(they clearly know nothing about leopards OR jaguars), but regardless they are breaking international law!  Jaguars, regardless of what the law says, are a natural hertiage for the people here in South America!  And they are supporting the hunting and killing of jaguars!  Everything is prettier in life than in death.
My Spanish is still coming along beautifully.  Article of Faith 7  (see also Corinthians 12:7-10) really is something I believe and have a testimony of!  The gift and interpretation of tongues is real!  I am so blessed be missionary in these times and down here in Bolivia! I hope to relish it!
Much love and wishes of safety,
Hermana E Butikofer

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