August 31, 2015 {Week 11}: I Had a Good Week

I realized it was bad of me to not actually write you guys, but I literally have 8 minutes so this is going to be reallly, really brief. [Apparently her computer was messed up and took all of her computer time to get it working properly.]

We made cinnamon rolls and banana cake on Monday with Hermana Zambrano and some of the sisters here close to the city.
It was fun(and delicious).  We repeated the cinnamon rolls on Friday with some younger sisters in the ward, they didn’t turn out as good, but it was still fun.
We always have several good lessons with recent converts everyday, which is a plus when investigators fall through.
I rescued the pianist yesterday in sacrament meeting and winged it on a song I didn’t know myself, se llama La Luz de La Verdad.  It doesn’t exist in our English hymnbook, but it’s actually a really good one! And simple for the piano too!
confession!  Somtimes I look for you guys’s Latino look alikes……… hahahahahaha
We have a plan to give out 50 Libros de Mormon this week, if the elders don’t forget to bring us 50 Libros de Mormon!
I did an exercise this week in prayer.  I decided to pray again about the Book of Mormon and if Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God.  This is, of course, what we ask all our investigators to do, but I think as members we should do that too to reconfirm our faith.  Anyway, so I offered a pray and closed in the name of Jesus Christ– I didn’t have a huge big spiritual experience but I just had a thought and a feeling that this isn’t something I can deny.  What I know, and the truth I feel isn’t something I can deny.  I think this exercise will produce different resluts in different people, and may change slightly over the years, but it just reconfirmed to me all that I know to be true.  I love reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish!  I know that reading and studying in another language will strengthen my testimoney of this Restored Gospel, de este Evangelio Restaurado.  I hope all is well stateside, I really pray for you by name.  If you really want your prayers to help someone you need to pray for them by name on your knees.  Sincerely and simply with love(I clearly can’t spell anymore). [I do try to correct her spelling errors.  For those of you who are following both the girls’ blogs may notice that Abby’s is always posted first. Abby’s letters are nice and neat and no spelling errors.  All I need to do is insert the pictures.  Erin’s letters home however are not quite as easy and I procrastinate getting her posted because they require a bit more work. :)]
My mom asked me about what we eat day to day. We eat a lot of spaghetti in the house and bread and milkshakes(just milk with flavor and ice cubes) and pancakes like they are going out of style. Also because I am here in the city I can pretty much find whatever I need, and because it’s in Bolivianos it’s pretty cheap. [As of today 1 Boliviano is 14 cents.] I hope this short little email sheds some light on my life thus far in Bolivia even if only a little bit!
The selfie is with cousins, 10 and 11, they were recently baptized, so we are finishing up the lessons with them.
Pray for my English classes please!  and dang I had a funny story to share, but no time…. darn cmoputers….
Hermana E Butikofer

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