September 21, 2015 {Week 14}: My first full week in Riberalta

Throwback to the 90s folks! My computer is old and slow and old so I’m using the basic HTML version, yeahhhhhh…..

So imagine there’s a really bright sun hanging over your head. Then imagine you are walking around for 9 hours everyday. Then imagine going to bed sticking to your sheets, then imagine waking up cold in the middle of the night because you are wet, then imagine waking up hot. Imagine that your bandana for your face is wet pretty much all day. That’s how hot it is here. It’s pretty much like any really hot place you can think of breathing in water except there’s NO AIR CONDITIONING ANYWHERE… Let’s just say it’s hot. I should’ve only brought workout type, Drifit shirts. I’m going to buy one here soon, because a couple of my shirts aren’t gonna make it much longer. Gosh it’s hot.

We got a new pensionista! Hallelujah! The food actually has flavor AND I can serve myself! No more mountains of food! Just what I want. Got offered a turtle egg…. it smelled like an aquarium and I just couldn’t do it. Also we drink acai juice everyday and leche de majo, which apparently is some kind of fruit [it is actually the fruit of a type of palm tree found in the Amazon], but it tastes vaguely like watered down chocolate milk. We literally eat bread and butter everyday for dinner.

For Noche de Hermanamiento [I think that is a Relief Society activity] we are having peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches! Yes, I am sacrificing my only jar of mantequilla de mani(peanut butter), even though they probably won’t like it.

We had a murcielago(bat) and a baby snake in the house this week– still can’t figure out where the bat came from…

We got called “angelitas” this week by an investigator! His baptism is Saturday, he is so excited. He’s older and only has one leg from some war… for some reason I want to say against Peru, but don’t quote me on that. He is excited for us to be teaching his nuera(daughter-in-law) the Gospel as well! We have A LOT of menos activos(less active members) here, so that’s where our main focus is currently.

Two of the girls in a family that we visit asked me in different situations “what was wrong with my legs”…. Haven’t shaved in like a week folks. That apparently is “what is wrong with my legs” hahaha, they were so confused haha!!

I am the English teacher for our zone! I’m a little strict, but only because I truly want to help the latinos learn English! I know it can bless and change their lives in ways only Heavenly Father knows. I am also going to start English classes in the rama(branch) and a choir and a Christmas choir and a piano lesson twice a week! I play piano in sacrament meeting too, I’m a little rusty cause it’s a been a couple months(people are kind of rude about that), but I think we have some time on Sundays that I could practice a bit. The congregation is excited for my ideas and I’m excited to see how hard they will work to help us in the work. I wish I had been more involved with the missionaries BEFORE the mission– before I didn’t really like them, but now I can see that they are so powerful. I hope I can be a powerful testifying missionary.

We made a banana cake for one of the elder’s birthday today!  I’m excited to eat it! For the next birthday/event here in the zone I’m in charge of the cake!  Get turnt woohooo, I like cake.  I miss pizza.  I’ll be sure to send a picture next week after the party!

Not too many lessons this week because of the craziness with Hermana Baltazar’s companion’s [I’m not sure who Hermana Baltazar but I assume there is another set of sister missionaries in Erin’s area] flights and her knee and blah blah blah, so we had to be careful this week, but this upcoming week with just the two of us, Hermana Piscoya y yo, yo se que podemos hacer milagros(I know that we can do miracles!)  I know that we can work miracles with obedience and diligence!  Nothing is impossible with God! Luke 1:37

I LOVE the book Jesus The Christ, I highly reccomend it(along with the Holy Scriptures of course) if you are looking to strengthen your belief and testimony in Jesus Christ as el Salvador y Redentor del Mundo(the Savior and Redeemer of the world.)

Much love from your friendly Spanish speaking sister,
Hna E Butikofer


Hermana Butikofer y Hermana Piscoya(her companion) cheek to cheek. [It just occurred to me that the other set of sisters must be Hermana Baltazar and her companion. I chuckled because Erin sent this picture with no names. I asked her which one was her companion.  She responded that Hermana Piscoya was the one who looked “less” latina. hahahaha I think all four look the same!  My true blue American daughter looks just like the latina sisters!]


A beautiful view of my Amazon jungle home

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