September 28, 2015 {Week 15}: Sister Training Leader

bum bum bum buuuum! I am the new Hermana Capacitadora (Sister Training Leader!)  [As a sister training leader Erin will continue to teach and serve as she has been but now she will also spend time each week training and evaluating the needs of the sister missionaries. She will report directly to the mission president on the needs of sister missionaries in her area.] I found out on Tuesday. The girls downstairs were incredulous because I haven’t finished my own training yet, but I feel blessed to be called to serve the sisters more extensively!  I guess I should mention that we live in a nice little house, us upstairs(oooo it’s hot) and the other two sister missionaries downstairs, with the kitchen being downstairs as well. Anyway, I’ve learned that it really isn’t important at all how much time you have in the mission, it’s about your willingness and ability to really do the Lord’s will.  I am responsible only for the 4 of us here in Riberalta(not the 2 sisters in Guayaramerin), but I am excited to do exchanges and help us all be more exactly obedient to the mission rules.  We even get to go to the city (Santa Cruz) this week or next week for a leadership meeting!  I am very excited for that too(and I’m gonna buy a boat load of peanut butter).  I pray that I will be able to live up to the expectations of the mission president and of the Lord in this capacity.

So as y’all know the electricity and water is sketchy sketch here in Riberalta.  Well Hermana Piscoya was showering when the water turned off, she dried off and got dressed and we thought nothing of it.  haha Because it happens all the time.  That evening there’s no electricity in the house (which is awful because it is flippin hot and no electricity means no fans), which is also expected. We-ell walking up the stairs there is water on the stairs.  Turning on my headlamp, I see there is about an inch of water EVERYWHERE.  The shower had been running all day.  So Hermana Piscoya flooded the house hahahaha!  Luckily everything is tile.  Unfortunately, there was no electricity, we can’t open the windows(even though there are many) because there are no screens(mission rule), and there is A LOT of water.  We end up trapeando (mopping), and squeegeeing ALL of the water down the stairs, flooding  the first floor, and then out into the street.  All in all it took about 2 hours.  In darkness in the heat.  It wasn’t very funny, but a good memory none the less. And remember when I said cleaning the house in Belen with Hermana Huerta was the sweatiest I’d ever been?  This set a new record, literally sweating buckets.  I was soaking wet from my own sweat not the water on the floor.  It was so hot.

We made a cake for Elder Aguilar this past Lunes(Monday) for his cumpleaños(birthday!)  It was fun, followed of course by soccer.


Elder Aguilar’s birthday party.  He is in the front in red.

Let me tell you about our baptism this week which was an experience.  So Hermano Jose Pedro(he calls us his daughters!) only has one leg, he’s verrrry tall, he’s kind of old, and doesn’t have his toes on his other foot(it was diabetes… not some war with Peru like I previously thought……*awkard*), and the baptismal font is verrrry small. Small font.  So that was a problem.  We had Hermano Viquiña in the font to baptize him along with Elder Cruz to help and Elder Carvallo(de mi grupo from the MTC!)  But beforehand Elder Hérnandez y Elder Carvallo had to get in up to their ties in water to help with a chair or algo(something), so they were bothing soaking wet.


But his hand came up once because he forgot to plug his nose so we tried to do the baptism(complete immersion) again but his back came up this time.  Sooooo, we discussed it with the elders and called the President.  His baptismal service AND confirmation are now planned for Jueves(Thursday!)  Please pray that it’ll all turn out and we can get his entire body under the water! But the service was good, he teared up and bore his testimony, and FYI latinos in this area really really really can’t sing.  They can’t. Anyway, not a single person from his family was there… which was sad, but he did have 2 branch presidents, the ward mission leader(Hermano Viquiña) and about 10 missionaries!  We are hoping more members will attend this Jueves.  I hope you enjoy our happy little picture we took with him!  The arm thing was his idea 🙂




Jesus the Christ is so dang good ohmygosh.  Everyday I read something that later I use in a lesson in some form or another.  Man it’s so good, it goes over every event in the Savior´s life and then expounds and explains each miracle and teaching and incident with the culture and history of the Jews at that time.

I’ve also been called pícara this week– which apparently means
rogueish, schemeing, tricky, or mischievous.  Mischievous I think is
my favorite definition of the word haha.  You have to be a happy
missionary if you really want people to feel the love of God, it’s not
all seriousness.

There are a lot of cool birds here, I should’ve like studied up a bit before leaving to know what was what. oh well.

Hermana E Butikofer

PS They really do believe that fans make your bones hurt! [We had heard from other missionaries that Bolivians believe that a fan blowing directly on you will make your bones hurt.  Apparently she has now confirmed that.]

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