October 5, 2015 {Week 16}: My Honest and Simple Testimony

This week was adventerous in a way….

We had a furry brown visitor this week in the house…. Can you guess what it was? A TARANTULA!  Yeah, buddy.  A big brown furry thing that Hermana Guiterrez whacked with a broom till it split in two.  I had actually kind of forgotten that I live in South America so it was a good wake up call, also it was like 7 in the morning soooo. For those of you who have forgotten how big, ugly and scary tarantulas are, let me remind you.


Yes, the rainy season has officially started. Oooo it poured, absolutely poured, for 2 hours on Wednesday.  We were absolutely soaking. Everything was soaking. I had about a cup of water in each rainboot too.  Hermana Piscoya doesn’t have rainboots or a raincoat so she was a bit wetter and colder than I was.  But we took some cute pictures and I still really love the rain. [Unfortunately, no pictures]

On Thursday I woke up feeling just tired and sore and I got progressively worse as the morning went on, even after taking a nap before our district meeting.  So we had to walk to the clinic, because the sisters were scared it was dengue.  Man, I was so sore and exhausted and just felt terrible.  But after two doctor visits, some pills(which is better than shot in my behind) and sleeping literally all day I was back to my normal perky self by Friday morning. So no harm no foul.

And then Friday night, Hermana Baltazar was stung by a wasp at her pensionista´s house and had an awful allergic reaction.  So we spent the evening at the clinic buying tons of medicine and calming her nerves.  Basically, the philosophy in the house now is “kill whatever moves before it kills you.”

We didn’t go to the city this week because of General Conference this weekend(eeeepppp!!)– and we aren’t going next weekend because there are no flights, so we are driving an hour to Guayaramerin for a Skype session. I’m not really sure what’s gonna happen. Elder Hill and Elder Tamara aren’t 100% certain either. Vamos a ver!

Our baptism didn’t happen, for 2 reasons– 1. I was sick that day 2. He wasn’t home!  We honestly haven’t seen him since Wednesday of last week! He lives on the corner one block down from our house with his family and we haven’t seen him at all, and hardly any of them either!  So, as of yet, we have no idea why he wasn’t home.  We are getting a little worried, he wants to get baptized he is so ready y tiene muchos deseos, but he’s going to Trinidad soon for a prosthetic leg and we want to get him baptized before then!  Hopefully this week we can get that all worked out.  Pray for him please! 🙂

We´ve been having some problems in the house with the sisters, so they talked to the mission president for an hour Saturday and then Hermana Piscoya for an hour on Saturday– girls are so stressful. [Don’t I know it?!]  Then we had an inventory Sunday night, in an effort to clear things up– so we are going to try a little harder to live peacefully and with respect and keeping in mind charity and Christlike attributes.

Okay, the crowning moment of the week was, of course, this weekend! General Conference!  I listened to both of Saturday’s sessions in Spanish and understood everything, except for Elder Holland’s talk about women and mothers, haha, no idea why.  My notes are in English, but I can understand everything.  Considering the hymns were the only things in English I was really touched by all of them.  I had tears welling up and I realized that as I was singing I was really sharing my testimony of the doctrinal truths found in the hymns.  They are beautiful things.  I watched Sunday’s sessions in English with 3 Elders in another room(I had permission never fear!) It was actually very relaxing to talk in English with boys(girls are really kind of stressful) [Again, don’t I know it?!] about the Gospel and to see how excited they were about the new apostles and their genuine feelings concerning the Gospel.

On Saturday I was reading a bit in Jesus the Christ(I have like 70 pages left, I can’t stop reading it’s so amazing and good, all of you MUST READ IT.) It was about His last discourse with His Aposotles and His suffering in the Garden and His death on the cross and I just cried.  I sat and silently cried as I read the accounts in the Gospels, too.

There are many testimonies given of Christ, but I would like to add my own honest and simple one.  I love my Savior.  He opened the door for all souls to be saved and resurrected and judged with mercy.  Every soul.  Mine, yours, people living, people who died before coming to know Him, every soul can be saved through Him and His infinite sacrifice, through His bowels of mercy.  His hand is outstretched in love, we just need to be willing to take it and go through the repentance process and remember His Atonement to be with Him and our Father again.  I love my Savior, and I hope I can come to live that way, to show that love I genuinely have for Him. I share this in the name of He who lives and He who saves, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Hermana E Butikofer

I have accepted the challenge to “ponderize” a scripture each week. The word ponderize is not found in the dictionary but it has found a place in my heart. Ponderizing involves choosing a verse of scripture, putting it in a visible location, and pondering its meanings throughout the week. I like to say it’s a combination of 80 percent extended pondering and 20 percent memorization. To hear a little bit more about ponderizng, check out Elder Durrant’s conference talk.  My verse this week is 1 Nephi 14:6, “Therefore, wo be unto the Gentiles if it so be that they harden their hearts against the Lamb of God.” What’s your verse?

Also, please check out this awesome video (<7 min)! The Hope of God’s Light


Yo y Hermana Piscoya

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