October 12, 2015 {Week 17}: Let’s Get to It

We made cake for two elders for their birthdays this week! They love carrot cake  here, my goodness! I should’ve brought more recipes from home.


It’s been rainy and dreary almost all week, even chillly at nights so I haven’t needed to use a fan! It’s been brisk in my world and it almost feels like October! haha




Hermano Jose Pedro didn’t have any time this week to meet with us and he got sick so his baptism is still up in the air, but we are hoping for this weekend with 2 other baptisms the elders are having. The work will always roll on.

We prepared for an entire wedding reception on Saturday. It cost 334 bolivianos, for a grand total of 48 US dollars. I can now plan a wedding. If you need something quick never fear! I can bake and decorate your cake and find you a dress at Goodwill and decorate your entire wedding recepion! Just move to Riberalta, Bolivia and find me wandering the streets, be ready with verdadera intencion, inquebrantable fe en el senor, y una alma contrita (real intent, unwavering faith in the Lord and a contrite spirit) to receive the lessons and then we can get you married to your novio and baptized the next day! Never fear, the sisters are here! Oooo, catchy. haha




My ponderize scripture this past week was 2 Nephi 14:6. I really liked it. I’ve ponderized and learned that the refuge, the shelter, is in the Gospel of Christ. It’s in Christ and it’s with your ward family. All these things are a shelter against the storm and a shelter against the rain that will torment us in this life. I love the Gospel, and I know that with a foundation built about the rock of salvation and not upon the sand will keep me firmly planted remembering my covenants before God and preparing me for the Second Coming of Christ. I look to that day with joy and a desire to help prepare others.

Overall we´ve had a rather slow week and need to work a lot harder this week before cambios (transfers.) I think we are going to do some contacting and hopefully finish up lessons and some Libro de Mormon estudios con dos menos activos que estan prontos para sus entrevistas con el presidente. We are hoping to help the rama (branch) be more oragnized and coordinated in its efforts and that we can have more families staying after sacrament meeting for classes and being involved in activities.

Side note– naps in a hammock are pretty much awesome.

My Spanish is coming along great. I dream in Spanish. I speak in Spanish. I think in Spanish. I pray, attend church, and teach in Spanish. I have many things I can improve, but I can get around pretty well.

I kind of want to know what it’s like to work with an American sister, but I’m hoping for a couple more cambios beforehand so I can have a better handle on my Spanish. I like it here in Riberalta, even when it’s crazy hot.

I hope all is well stateside. I keep hearing crazy things from people who have contact with the outside world. haha  After reading 1 Nephi aloud in Spanish, I worry about the direction the United States has taken in the past few years and I pray much that we can be good citizens who can help direct the nation back to the commandments of God so that we may be bleseed and prosper. God bless America.


Hna E Butikofer

PS My ponderize scripture this week is 2 Nephi 15:26.




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