October 19, 2015 {Week 18}: A Lot of Time for Personal Study

Pienso que el Libro de Mormón esta cambiando mi vida. I had an epiphany concerning the fall of Lucifer in 2 Nephi 2:17-18— he fell and tempted Eve becasue he wanted to tempt EVERYONE, and he couldn’t do that if they DIDN’T HAVE BODIES.  Boom, it blew my mind.  But I love how everything is a part of God´s plan for us.  The Fall happened, and it had to happen so we could be tested and have bodies, but He also prepared a Savior for us.  A perfect and sinless man who could pay the demands of justice so that we can be clean from our sins and truly live in the presence of our Father again, after this life.

I’ve had a lot of time this week for personal study due to problems amongst the sisters in the house and Hermana Piscoya has had a mild case of Chikunguñya(it’s basically like mono, but I think a little worse. no sé) so we´ve had to rest a lot.  [Actually after a quick google search, I found out it is more like a bad case of the flu spread through mosquito bites] I am excited for cambios(transfers) this week, I’m ready for something new or for a new companion or algo(something).  We actually talk about sickness all the time and it’s really annoying.

Ok, let get on to stories of the week!

I was a cambita for a moment with Hermana Baltazar on intercambios(part of my responsibility as Hermana Capacitadora), camba coma la yuca! haha, I dont know if the picture will get to the blog though.  I was cute haha, and I look so tall here, I feel weird when girls are my height now! [This is the one and only picture I received this week.  It is super cute! Another quick bit of research told me that in Bolivia “cambita” is used to describe the indigenous people of the western tropical plains of the country. Sort of like describing someone as a southerner or westerner I suppose.  As for the phrase “camba coma la yuca” I really have no reference for that.  I guess they eat yuca in that region??]


Also, I rescued Lobo, one of our pensionistas dogs from the rain.  He started following the elders and then got really lost. So we chased/followed him around in the pouring rain for like an hour.  Then we stopped and I walked close to him and he eventually came over and stood shivering until I picked him up so we could carry him the 8 blocks home, pobrecito!  I have a cute picture of that too, but yeah…

Then we also had a service project WITH MACHETES! At the Lino house(our pensionista) we had to chop down some plants and such and I got a nasty blister, well everyone who used the machetes did.

I also have a traditional peruvian recipe I wanted to share with y’all, buttttt. No puedo desfortunamente(unfortunately.) [The computer and internet situation is as frustrating for me as it is for her!]

I’ve realized more fully that the Book of Mormon really does contain el plenitude del evangelio, the fulness of the Gospel.  Examples from a lesson this week:

infant baptism- Moroni 8

repeated prayers- Alma 31 I think

the sermoun on the mount- 3 Nephi 12

blessing of children by Christ- 3 Nephi 17

fall of Lucifer from heaven and the fall of Adam and Eve- 2 Nephi 2

exposition on faith- Alma 32

the doctrine of Christ- 2 Nephi 31

prophecies of Isaiah- 2 Nephi several chapters

Literally it has everything.  We could really just use the Book of Mormon to teach people.  It has everything that they need. But, of course, we use the Bible as well, as the two compliment one another. The Gospel is so simple children can learn it and accept it, but so complex we need a lifetime to really understand it and apply it.

Yeahhh…. we will just leave it at that, although I’ve seriously been crying as I’ve read the scriptures this week due to the anguish of my heart for those lost and confused and in darkness.  2 Nephi 28 and 29 are so much more powerful in Spanish. [For those of you, willing to give it a try in Spanish, I have linked them.] I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I love this Church.

I hope you all have another wonderful week stateside!  See you in a little over a year!!

Hermana Erin Butikofer



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