October 26, 2015 {Week 19}: No Transfer for Me

So cambios! No cambios(transfer) for me. I’m still here in Riberalta with Hermana Piscoya.  I was ready for something a little fresh but the Lord knows that the people in my area aren’t ready for me to go.  Hermana Nelson(mi compañera anteriormente, que ustedes conocen), is now here! Serving in Cerritos with Hermana Sedano de Peru!  No photo of them yet, but they exist.  This is Hermana Sedano’s fourth area– she spent 9 MONTHS IN THE SAME AREA in Trinidad, so this is very new for her.  They moved both Hermanas Baltazar y Gutierrez, goodness knows why, but the new sisters will like it here despite the heat.

No super crazy stories this week. But the very day, after cambios we met with a new investigator se llama Hermana Carla.  She came to church this past Sunday of her OWN accord and stayed for ALL 3 HOURS.  It was awesome.  She works with some members and the elders have already shared a lesson with her because they eat lunch at the member’s house, but she actually lives in our area.  Her aunt and her family are members as well.  Hermana Carla could be golden– she is 21, she’s not married, doesn’t have a child, and she’s studying something I cant remember, AND we totally felt the Spirit in the two lessons we´ve had with her AND she accepted an invitation to be baptized once she receives a confirmation to her prayers.  She hasn’t prayed yet, but we sure have been praying for her.  She said if she knew it was true she would be willing to study and follow the teachings of the restored Gospel and TO TEACH OTHERS(as you can tell by my enthusiasm we have some pretty big hopes and prayers for Hermana Carla).  She said she likes that we have classes to learn more about the Gospel, that it’s very different from her Catholic church.  Hermana Piscoya made the comment that the mysteries of God, really don’t have to be a mystery.  If you want to know then we have tons of resources in these latter days, namely prophets and apostles, continuous revelation, prayer, the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants.  If you really want to know just read and pray.  Most importantly read and pray because faith without works is dead (James 2:17-18.)

I learned how to wash clothes better too.  It’s kind of fun with some music and honestly I think my clothes ARE cleaner.

oh! I ate COW STOMACH LAST WEEK ewwww– okay it wasn’t that bad if you don’t look at it or conscienciously think about the fact that it’s stomach, se llama panza aquí.  It was chewy and honestly kind of furry.  It was pressure cooked. I’ve heard that fried is disgusting.
rebozado de panza
I’m also learning to enjoy mangas, naranjas, y kiwi. [I have obviously failed as a parent because who doesn’t love mangos, oranges and kiwi?!]  I like me some kiwi.  Also other weird fruits like matacu.  It’s like a giant nut that’s orange inside and kind of tastes like meat. It’s weird.

We had a surprise birthday celebration for Hermana Baltazar because she was transferred two days before her birthday.

Surprise party! 
Hence Elder Hill got decorated by la hija(daughter) de Presidente Cortez(nuestro presidente del distrito)


I think that’s pretty much it. My how the time flies!  My ponderize scripture this week is Mosiah 3:11, “For behold, and also his blood atoneth for the sins of those who have fallen by the transgression of Adam, who have died not knowing the will of God concerning them, or who have ignorantly sinned” because I know that Heavenly Father loves all equally, those who had the opportunity to receive the message of the Gospel in their lives and those who did not.


Hermana Erin Butikofer

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