November 9, 2015 {Week 21}: I Pooped in a Cup

Sooooo, we are going to start low and end high so be prepared.  Please keeps arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

I pooped in a cup this week.  A cup.  It was gross, luckily I had gloves.  I got sick Wednesday in the city(Santa Cruz) after the mission council meeting on Tuesday.  I was just exhausted and nauseous and so we went to the Clinica Foianini for the first time.  They took my blood, gave me a drip, and I pooped in one cup and peed in another.  I was sick until Friday afternoon and I had a bunch of meds. It was just a stomach infection and I’m fine now.

Angel Hermana Piscoya doesn’t exist anymore.  I don’t really know what happened. But it’s cool. We can still work together and I am learning long suffering and patience, which will come in handy when I have kids haha.

I put my shoe on Sunday morning, but there was something in it, so I yelped and changed shoes…  That afternoon after a really good district conference, I checked out my shoe again. There was still something in it!  I thought maybe it was an old dirty sock, but I was too scared to do anything other than poke it, so Hermana Piscoya banged it on the ground. IT WAS ANOTHER TARANTULA!  I screamed, she got mad, killed it with a broom and I screamed again. ewww, pasancas(tarantulas)…..

Hermana Jose Pedro is upset with me for traveleing haha, and wouldn’t talk to us on Saturday, I think he wasn’t feeling good.  But his baptism is planned for this Saturday so pray for him!

Hermana Piscoya threw up 8 times yesterday so we spent the majority of the day in the house.

Christmas came early!  Although I was a little too sick to enjoy it fully.  But we had a Christmas lunch with the Zambranos and sang Christmas hymns which was fun.  So Hermana Piscopya and I have been listening to Christmas hymns ALL THE TIME NOW haha. I love it!  However, this also means that nothing will be happening at Christmas time, because they [who is they?!] aren’t allowed to travel after the 10th. I think it’s because it’s expensive.

Okay, we are building here ya see it?

Also I got a package! [I mailed this particular package on 31 August.  It took 9 weeks, 4 days from my hands to hers.]  The day after our Christmas celebration! And apparently there are two others floating around the office en la ciudad(the city), that arrived right after we left.

I had two interviews with Presidente Zambrano this semana(week)!  He is a really wonderful leader for us young people. I hope I can continue to serve him and the Lord to the best of my abilities.  He said that I’m a fghter, intelligent, and that my gifts and talents are needed here in Riberalta and especially to always seguir adelante!  It more or less means “aspire higher” I think.

Two of our investigators attended the district conference this week! Hermana Karolina had her baby!!!  Baby Maiker was born on Saturday!  Unfortunately there are two other baby boys in the ward named Maiker…. haha yeah, he’s super cute and little!

HERMANA CARLA ACCEPTED A BAPTISM DATE(21st of this month)!  I am so over the moon happy, she loves church, she loved the district conference, she prayed about Jospeh Smith y el Libro de Mormon and received her answer.  I think that if she wanted too she could serve a mission here in a year.  She’s literally golden.  I hope that we can continue to develop a friendship, because she has so many desires to learn more and and read and study and I am just so happy and proud and blessed.  I pray for her so much.  So we might have 3 baptisms this month because another invetigator is also planned for the 21st.  Man, I’m so excited!

Anyway, all the photos I wanted to send aren’t being cool so there will only be a few.

So I have been working on improving my prayers and I realized that whenever I pray an image of my dad pops into my head.  I guess because he’s the kind of person that I imagine my Heavely Father to be.  Also, as I was praying for all of you, I was thinking about what I would want my dad to do for someone if I asked him to watch out for them and help them along. Some lines from I Am a Child of God [I have linked a pretty arrangement with video] came into my head “Lead [him], guide [him], help [him] find the way.  Teach [him] all that [he] must do to live with you some day.”  And I realized that THIS is exaclty what our loving Father in Heaven is doing, but he does it through other people.  He does it from afar, but I am also here in this work to help people have that eternal life, that land of promise, spoken of in the scriptures.  I am working in the Lords hands to lead and guide and teach and love and be an example…

My ponderize scripture is Mosiah 26:30. “Yea, and as often as my people repent will I forgive them their trespasses against me.”

Have  great week friends and family!  My package was a little taste of America and I will be making sloppy joes promptly.

Con much amor,
Hermana Erin Butikofer

IMG_0800Mission Council meeting

A new friend, Hermana Wilkinson

On my way back to Riberalta
President and Sister Zambrano flew back with us for district conference



[These last five photos were sent me via Facebook from Sister Zambrano!  As Erin had spent the week with her in the city and then back in Riberalta, she had several pictures to share.  Apparently, her internet is better than Erin’s. 🙂 Although I am beginning to wonder if Erin’s inability to send pictures home each week is user error….]

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