November 30, 2015 {Week 24}: 6 Months Y’all

I literally can’t believe it’s been 6 months, the time flies.  I don’t have a whole bunch to say this week, so….

Last Monday, we played capture the flag under some mango trees in the shade after a super fun game of ultimate frisbee in the burning sun. We were all muddy afterwards.  Anyway, so I was the only one on my team not in the jail so I had to sprint over to the other jail to rescue some people and Hermana Piscoya started chasing me…. well, she slipped on a mango and broke her ankle and is now in Santa Cruz for a month of house arrest haha en Los Angeles en Paraíso, pobrecito Paraíso, it’s the sick ward. [Apparently the sick ward is the ward where missionaries are transferred if they need medical care and recuperation.]  Yeah, she left on a Thursday in a wheelchair.  Hermana Justo was emergency transferred from Trinidad(she has been emgency transferred every single one of her cambios here in the mission so she knows every zone except Guayaramerin y ahora esta aprendiendo acerca de Riberalta–now she will become familiar with Riberalta). We sort of forgot to tell anyone that she, Hermana Piscoya, was leaving so everyone’s been a little bit disappointed with me this week haha.  I’ve already learned a lot with Hermana Justo!  She’s from Lima and she reminds me of Hermana Huerta y Hermana Baltazar all the time as we chat. She DOES NOT like English, so we don’t speak English because I don’t want a nasty companion haha.  So my English is gonna go down hill and my Spanish up hill if I stay here with her in Riberalta this cambio(transfer).

We find out about cambios tomorrow night, so y’all won’t know until next week.  But we have finally done some of the things I’ve been wanting to do my entire time in Riberalta! We started the choir and we’ve organized family history classes for Fridays.

I spent Monday through half of Thursday in the house because of Hermana Piscoya’s broken ankle so I read 43 chapters in Alma this week OUT LOUD and I finished Alma.  My Spanish has improved, to me, by leaps and bounds this week.  I’m trying to faithfully and diligently follow Gordon B. Hinckley’s challenge and I think I should be able to finish el Libro de Mormon before the New Year.  That’s the plan anyway.

I’m happy and healthy! no se preocupe!  (don’t worry) No photos again, because internet sucks.  I’m sorry, no one has seen my face for like a month now. Don’t worry it doesnt look chubby yet!  They used to call me “flacita” and now they call me “gordita”, but my pensionista says not to listen to them that I’m still thin.

I like what Abby did last week, so here’s a little bit about the mission. There are only 19 sisters, Hermana Nelson(my MTC companion) y yo are the last sisters until February. That’s 9 months of no new sister missionaries.

Equiptrol– la ciudad(the city), I spent my first cambio in Belen en Equiptrol but now there are not sisters there.

Paraiso-(the sick ward) one set of sisters there.

Viru Viru– the city, no sisters, acerca de la aerpuerto en Santa Cruz(close to the airport).

La Guardia– the areas are GIGANTIC and there is one set of sisters, the only area in the mission where they can stay out until 9:30.

Bahia– the lost boys…. the elders sent to Bahia almost always spend like a year there, they get forgotten by the mission president. haha

Trinidad– in the jungle too, but a real city, a lot of money there. 6 sisters, 2 of them have spent their entire 8 months in the mission in Trindad in like 2 areas.  The sewage is in like the little side things on the street so they call it aqua de muerte(water of death) when it rains.

Guayaramerín– muy similar a Riberalta, lots of Portuguese speakers there, lots of inactives.

Riberalata!  Y’all know all about Riberalta, although I recently learned that some of the elders don’t have running water!  They use well water to shower, wash their clothes, wash their hands, their kitchen stuff, and to flush their toilet! [Thank goodness her house has running water.]

oh!  We also had a really successful lava motos(motorcycle washing) activity on Saturday! We only got one referral out of it, but some of the elders got like 20.  It was super fun too.

Yeah so that’s week 24. Thanksgiving was spent in a district meeting and preparing Hermana Pisocya to leave(she paid 240 bolivianos in airplane overweight charges!  Ridiculous….) [Actually only about $35]


Hermana Erin Butikofer

For your reference


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