January 4, 2016 {Week 29}: FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!

Okay, not a WHOLE bunch to say this week, but FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! I hope it went well for all of y’all stateside.  It was mostly just a bunch of borrachitos (drunks) so we were inside early at 8pm on the 31st and the 1st, the elders included (8pm technically isn’t early for sisters but it was early for the elders).

Hermana Sedano and Hermana Justo made the Peruvian dish lomo saltado(it’s just like the Bolivian dish pique macho), it’s meat with french fries and tomatoes and green bell peppers and cilantro.  It was a pretty good way to ring in the New Year!

We stayed up chatting, the 4 of us, until midnight so we could go watch all the fireworks and take pictures(no pictures again this week the internet on this side of the cafe kind of sucks so I’ll be passing to the other side next week!!)  We took some selfies and lots of videos! [Hopefully some day I will see those.]

Intercambios(exchanges) this week too!  I spent a day with Hermana Nelson, and it went really well. [If you recall, Hermana Nelson was Erin’s MTC companion.]  I’ve never had a day so full of lessons in my entire mission!  We had SIX!  It was crazy, but Riberalta and the work we are doing is VERY DIFFERENT from the sisters in Cerritos.  But we worked really well together, her Spanish has improved dramatically. She’s still the same happy, occasionally informal, Hermana Nelson but we both testified of the truth of these things and I definitely felt guided by the Spirit to share some specific scriptures to answer some questions people had.

Hermana Justo got down and out about work in Riberalta this week. So I had to whip into action with some encourgaement(which anteriormente, has NOT been my forte in this life) so I basically bore testimony that I know that, I, at this point in the mission and the transfer can stand in front of my Father in Heaven and say “I did all I could with my heart open in Riberalta.  I did all I could in my mission.”  I couldn’t say that before this transfer.  But I know I can say I have done all I CAN to help the people in Riberalta.  Even if in every meeting we get a little cast aside and trodden on by some of our leaders in the branch. I KNOW that we are doing good things and that we have done what the Lord would do.

On that note, our new companionship purpose is to focus on the needs of the rama.  This is a new year and the rama Riberalta is going to be different at the end of 2016, I just want to do ALL I CAN to help them be different.  They are nowhere near ready to be a stake but we can help get them off on the right foot and trust in God to help us in this wonderful work of salvation.

I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON OUT LOUD IN SPANISH on Tuesday morning.  My Spanish I know is as good as it is because of this exercise of faith and trust in the words of a once living prophet(Gordon B. Hinkcley ya know).  It is the only thing I exhort all of my elders in English class on Thursdays to do.  Especially those going home soon like Elder Batz.  Man, I’m gonna miss these elders.

It’s been a stressful week and it’s only going to get worse, but now my stress is stress from love.  Because I love these people and want them to really truly understand the importance of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I love this work.

Can’t remember my the reference to my ponderize scripture this week. It’s in Isaiah….about how our fear should be the Lord and no one else.

Hermana E Butikofer
12465975_10205403507313330_5339580310666194651_o-2.jpgThe missionaries in Riberalta

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