January 11, 2016 {Week 30}: It’s a Good Life as a Missionary

Bad internet again and I only have 45 mniutes to update people on my life which is very stressful and I still have to write the mission president!

It was Elder Sanders’ birthday on Tuesday. The 4 of us had a servce project at the chapel so we bought an ice cream cake and guarana(I FOUND ANTARTICA) [if you haven’t tried guarana, you are missing out!] and surprised him!  It was awesome.  Unfortunately, we are nearing the end of Elder Batz´s mission, so we are organizing something for him this week.

Cambios come tomorrow!  I’m hoping for one last cambio here in Riberalta, to continue to change the rama.  We have seen SO many changes this cambio and I’m hoping to continue helping out in the Lord’s way for another transfer, but we will see.

The elders had a surprise baptism that I would like to share with you. So a cute little sister left 2 weeks ago for Uruguay for her mission.  She has a boyfriend that she has been dating for about 18 months and she introduced him to the church. He hasn’t been taking any lessons, he lives in our rama, but attends church with her family in Palmeras.  Anyway, this week the elders in our rama finally contacted him and started teaching him.  BUT he moves to Santa Cruz TODAY. He cried and bore his testimony and said that he’s ready to be baptized.  So they called presidente and he told them to do everything in their power to get him baptized on(2 days ago) Saturday. So they taught him like all the lessons in 3 days.  Well, the baptism was super beautiful and her father baptized him and on Sunday conferred upon him the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was literally like fairy tale.  So now her first email in the field will be from her boyfriend telling her that he was baptized and is waiting for her. It’s the sweetest thing ever. I almost cried.

I was in the city for concilio(mission council), literally one afternoon.  Left Friday and we were back by Saturday.  It was a good concilio. Not much happened.

Last week’s ponderize scripture was Isaiah 8:13, D&C 14:7 for this week.

I hope y’all are as happy as I am!  The life is good, I can’t help but smile sometimes as we are walking around Riberalta. This is where I am called to be.  In Bolivia to bring people the good news of the Gospel to give them happiness in this life and joy in the life to come.  It’s a good life as a missionary.

Hermana E Butikofer

The missionaries of Riberalta

Hermana Justo y yo

The Lino family, my family here in Riberalta

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