January 25, 2016 {Week 32}:Hot, Hot, Hot

So we received bad news this morning.  Hermana Justo has emergency transfers this afternnon to La Guardia. I’m not happy about it so I really don’t feel like elaborating on it more than that. Other than they are clsoing my area and I will be working in a trio until the end of the transfer with the sisters in Cerritos.

It has been so FLIPPING hot.  I’m pretty sure it was 102 yesterday PLUS humidity.  We have been working all over tarnation this week in the sun and the heat and no one has been home for the most part. We’ve both burned and tanned a HUGE amount this week.  I honestly don’t know how we were still walking around at the end of the day.  We collapsed, exhausted everyday this week all week.  This weather is apparently more charateristic of August and September so we are still waiting on rain.  There is bound to be a huge storm here soon after all this heat.

We worked a couple days in the elders area visiting a bunch of women(their area is CHOCKFULL of sisters that they can’t visit because their husbands estan en el campo con almendras(their husbands are working in the field harvesting almonds.)  My feet have NEVER been so filthy in my life.  I smelled so bad at the end of the day. I’ve never been able to smell myself before that day.  We stunk horribly.  Our feet were red from the dirt and we were wet from our sweat. It’s been a hard week weather wise.

So Saturday I was pretty grumpy about the lack of progress we’ve seen en ciertas formas dentro de nuestra rama este semana, and I had a little rant Sunday morning.  But Sunday was FULL of little miracles that we have been praying for. After 6 months la familia Galarza FINALLY attended church.  Hermana Vanessa came to church for the first time in ages. We hadn’t visted her this week and she still came! And she offered her house for a Sociedad de Socorros actividad(Relief Society activity) that they oragnized by themselves.  That’s 3 milagros en 3 horas(3 miracles in 3 hours.)  And la capilla(chapel) was reverent today and we actually had principios de Evangelio(gospel principles Sunday School class)  this week! That’s 5 small milagros.  So now I know that “despues del desánimo, viene los milagros(after discouragement come miracles.)”  I was hoping to continue on this trajectory with the rama, but I’ll just work hard in Cerritos.
That’s about the interetsing stuff from this week.  I forgot to pick out a ponderize scripture this week due to nuestra noticia este mañana(our news this morning), so you’ll just have to wait till next week to see what it was for this week, jaja.
Hermana E Butikofer
Only picture from this week. Riberalta missionary soccer activity. [Sure glad that selfie stick I sent her with has been coming in handy!]

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