February 1, 2016 {Week 33}: Another tarantula

Another pasanca chicitinga en la casa dos dias atras(small tarantula in the house two days ago)!

I miss my area, I miss Hermana Justo a lot, but I need to quit being stubborn and bitter and just accept it. Anyway, I gave mi carpeta(folder) e area book to Elder Sanders so they can at least continue to work and see progress.  Elder Batz is leaving today!!!  It’s so sad, the band broke up….  But apparently la rama Riberalta has canged completely!  Families  that have NEVER shown up are finally coming of their own good will, la familia Fernanadez is moving to Guayarmerín, all the hermanas left, Elder Batz is leaving, it’s just 100% different in only one week.  Crazy.

The biggest difference between Riberalta and Cerritos is that Cerritors acually functions.  They are working on getting approval and membership high enough to build their own capilla(chapel.)  They have the land just no building and low active members.  Cerritos has  members that want to/have the time for us to visit with them, people are home when the visit(at least once a week in Riberalta we’d have days without lessons because no one is home or no one has time), they have more lessons in one day, than I used to have in a week.  And the process is the same, the spirit is the same, Riberalta is just kind of like a lesson black hole.  But we helped the rama, and that was a goal of mine, so I should be happy.

I was guided completely by the Spirit this week in lessons, because I didn’t know anyone and next to nothing about them, but it felt good and natural to just let the Spirit speak.  I tried not to be scared or worried or nervous and just say what was put into my heart.

Yesterday was the best Sunday I’ve ever had in my mission.  The 2 talks were awesome, literally the best, on ayuno y diezmo (fasting and tithing.)

I’ve decided that the number one way a person, family, community, city, culture, or nation can progress is if they KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY.  It’s a commandment, not a suggestion.  We keep the sabbath day holy by not buying things, not playing sports, keeping all our thoughts and actions focused on the Lord.  We can go to church, visit old friends, visit family, the needy and the widowed, read our scriptures, listen to good music, take a walk to see the power of God around us.  (Those are just a few my Sunday activity ideas, I am sure there are others.) But that really is the number one way to progress.  Keep the sabbath day holy, guardar el dis de reposo.

And then in sunday school I was just sitting in the back receiving inspiration during the entire lesson.  I made so many new discoveries and great connections in the sciprutres.  Really though we need to always always ALWAYS be studying the scriptures, the meaning of them.  I love the sciprutres!

My reading recommendation for the week is the January Liahona, it’ll rock your socks.  Literally, it is so good. I found so many good things in it as I’ve been reading it this past week.

oh! pooped in a cup again this week, this time I didn’t have a glove…or toilet paper or soap.  It was gross.  My stomach has been pretty bad for about 3 months, and then I practically slept in the bathroom Tuesday night, but I’m okay now.  I had amoebas in my stomach! but I’m okay 🙂 I didn’t lose any weight either…. wahoo…..
Ooof and the heavens opened last night let me tell ya!  Agua de muerte almost halfway up my shin. We had water seeping up through the tiles downstairs, trueno(thunder), and lightning like I’ve never seen.  But we are safe! of course haha, and nothing flooded in the end.
This past week’s ponderize scripture was Matthew 7:25, this week’s is Isaiah 29:18 creo, it’s about the blind will see the word of the sealed book(Book of Mormon) from obscurity and darkness.  This chapter honestly does speak of the Book of Mormon.

With prayers and lots of love!

Hna E Butikofer
A few pictures from our motorcycle washing activity
[What a surprise to have a care package arrive on my door step!]
[And this was the contents…5 shirts, 1 skirt, necklace, earrings, 2 keychains, a small purse, 6 packages of very interesting powered drink mix and a hand written letter!]

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