March 7, 2016 {Week 38}: AHHHHH

Wow, where does the time go?! I’m at the halfway point! So I’ve been thinking about missionary service this week and I realized it’s the little things you miss.  Like walking barefoot outside, peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches, salad, and a season other than “hot”.  But then you also give literally your ALL to the mission: your health(another sister got sent home for her knee, down to 14 with no new ones in sight), your weight(it’s impossible to workout in 100 degree weather, 100% humidity and no air conditioning), your dreams(I am always dreaming about being a missionary which made me realize that I am going to be SUPER missionary-awkward when I get home), your thoughts, every waking hour of every day and then some, your native tongue, your scripture studies, all your prayers, all your fasts.  You give up friends, families, previous desires and thoughts, and wait on the Lord in patience and faith. What a life it is to a missionary 🙂 If any sisters get called here to the Bolivia Sant Cruz North mission and if you read this, just know that I am waiting and praying for YOU!  I am so excited that we will be receiving more sisters eventually here in the mission and this mission with this mission presidente is EXACTLY where you need to be!  I hope you pray much and prepare much to be a consecrated sister.  See you on the other side! I am now Hermana Butikofer in my head, my name sounds weird, to say it out loud to hear it in an American accent, its just weird jajaja. I just love being a missionary!

President Zambrano came this weekened for a zone conference. We were all a little discouraged. We all have a bit of time out here in Riberalta(Elder Britt and I somos los viejitos acá) and sometimes it gets to you working hard in a district and in ramas, but presidente knows exactly what and how to say it.  I felt like everyhting he said was exactly what I needed to hear and even some of the elders cried jaja.  He compared the prayer de los Zoramitas to Alma’s prayer in Alma 31.  One full of their own pride and false doctrine and the other a humble suplication to the Lord from a missionary for the souls of his brothers and for his fellow missionaries in the service of the Lord.  I love having presidente come and visit.

Medetizar: Isaiah 40:29-31

I hope and pray that all is well for you and that you can consider coming unto Christ and changing your heart and desires.  It’s not that life is is somehow bad, it’s just that it can be so much better.  The blessings of the Gospel will abound and overflow in your lives if you humbly seek the truth and apply what you learn.  I testify of it!

Hna E Butikofer

My bulletin board [I love this picture and what it says about Erin and the person she is becoming]
Zone picture taken during President Zambrano’s visit
The river is SUPER high and this week alone a few families in our area have been flooded several times!

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