March 21, 2016 {Week 40}: Fastest week of my life

Fastest week of my life, but I have lots of scriptures and some recipes to share today!  Hope y’all enjoy!

Bolo de leche AKA picolé de leche AKA milk popsicles
1. bowl fresh cow milk
2. put in a LOAD of sugar and stir
3. put in baggies and freeze

Chicharron de pollo that’ll make you die
Buy yourself a chicken, some lemons and salt
1. break your chicken down into appropriate sizes
2. squeeze your lemons and mix the juice with a little salt, a little pepper and some cumin and let your chicken sit in that all morning
3. Rub your chicken down with flour and fry that puppy! In a big kind of deep pan. You fry it in vegetable oil.
4. Enjoy! Eat it with rice and fried yuca(fried yuca is the best ever seriously)

COOKIE BUTTER!— my mom sent me this recipe, bad and good idea. It’s
from one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess .
2 cups dry cookie crumbs(scrape out the cream from oreos and cookies like that)
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup evaporated milk
1/4 cup condensed milk
1. melt the butter with the milks
2. add in your cookie crumbs slowly a little at a time
3. mix and put in fridge until the next day
4. eat with green apples on spoons or something like pretzels or graham crackers
5. DIE cause it’s SSSOOOOO good

OKAY anyway now on to what happened this week.  I extended 2 baptism invitations in first lessons!  The first one was entirely the Spirit, I had no idea what I was saying until I said it.  It felt awkwardly perfect.  She said she was baptized Catholic so we explained agency, baptism by immersion, and the priesthood authority, well what happens! The other said maybe once she learns more, score!  If you do your part you will receive the testimony the Lord promises!  Hoping she completes her compromisos(commitments).  We have a wedding and a baptism planned for April and the elders have a baptism this Saturday!  Excited to see the changes en la rama Riberalta– hoping i’ll get one more cambio here in Riberalta before it’s my time to leave.  I love it here, I really do.

I ate gelatina de pata– basically they burn a cow foot, clean a cow foot, then boil a cow foot.  They throw out the crud, boil it some more then add in milk, cinnamon and something else I can’t remember in English and enjoy.  It was good, so long as you don’t think about the fact that it’s like cow foot jello. [Here is the recipe for those of you with adventurous pallets willing to give it a try.]

I finished Mateo(Matthew) in Spanish!!!  I will need to better learn my Bible in Spanish so I can use it to teach more.  I love reading about Christ’s life, especially in this Easter season!  Go watch the new Easter video!!  Its awesome! It’s a beautiful message for those of all faiths!

I love seeing the changes in Hermano Rosendo– he has changed so much and I wish we could see him in the waters of baptism, but he has a couple of family things to work out before we can see him get there. He might not get baptized while I’m here, but he will at some point in his lifetime and I’ll cry when that happens.  He’s one of those men that you meet and you just feel a certain spirit about them.  He’s one of those people that are really really great, they are just missing the priesthood and the Gospel, just one little thing…  The Lord makes it easy when it’s people like that.  They just have to do their part– read, pray,  and attend church.  From their the change is easy, but it starts with action then repentance then a change of heart then a change in testimony.  It’s beautiful.  I love being a missionary.

Yeah so in my studies this week I’ve officially decided that being lazy is pretty much a sin.  We have hands that the Lord has given us to work hard and to do His will!  What would Jesus do, is the question we should always be asking.  We have our agency, one of the biggest gifts God has given to man– the ability to choice the good or the bad, we
chose to come here to earth to hopefully learn the plan that God has organized for us so we can return to live in His presence and just be a little more like His Son (check out this beautiful song River God by Mindy Gledhill). So we should ALWAYS BE CHOOSING THE GOOD PART(Lehi’s last words 2 Nephi 2:30).  You can’t progress in your walk of faith if you don’t do what the Lord commands us or what He asks of us.  I always remember that it’s a commandment of the Lord God Almighty to repent.  Always always always repent, down on our knees asking for His help to change and for His forgiveness, daily.  Pleading for miracles and changes in our lives and in the lives of others.  I want to learn absolutely as much as I can in this life so I have knowledge and good skills to take with me when I die.  If I have to study in college for a decade I’ll do it, I want to know more about this earth our Father has created for us and develop new skills and talents as I move through this life, it’s a gift and I want to take as much advantage of it as I possibly can!

Scriptures to back up my thoughts haha–
Doctrine and Covenants 58:26-29; Alma 33:21; Alma 37:46; Alma 34:31-35; Doctrine and Covenants 130:18-19; Mosiah 4:27; 2 Nephi 2:16,27.

My ponderize is one of these scriptures, just can’t remember which one, I think its the Alma 33, about not being lazy to look to the Word and be saved.

Also!  Happy belated Bolivian Father’s day!!  We had an activity at the chapel where we missionaries talked about our fathers and how they remind us of our Father in Heaven and the examples they are for us of worthy priesthood holders married to our mothers for time and all eterntiy and just pretty much how great they are– it was a tearjerker haha, let me tell ya!

So Abby’s cute nicknames got me thinking about the nicknames I received here, but I don’t think they are nearly as attractive as hers bahaha.

Hermana Betty Crocker, la Buti, Hermana Booteacougher, Hermana Caridad(Charity),
Butiraptor(my personal favorite) [???!!! sometimes I think spell check changes things and I am left to decipher what she really means], la Hermana, y por fin Hermana Butt-ikofer(that’s how Elder Sanders came here saying my last name– shameful)

but seriously,
Hna E Butikofer loves you and prayers for many of you and wants only the absolute best so do better and be better!  Pray for the Lord to open your understanding as you search for truth.  It exists just go and pray.


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