March 28, 2016 {Week 41}: It’s Been a Good One

Okay friends and family far away, there is a green city with 2 small little sisters working hard and walking hard everyday…. bajajaja, don’t know where I was going with that.

Yeah anyway, so this week has been good, not toooo much has happened.  Hermana Vega and I have been doing lots more exercise because we have both gotten chubby and it’s time for that trend to stop. And in doing so I learned that I suck at jumping rope.  Literally I’m awful at jumping rope.  It’s laughable de verdad.  But it is a little easier on my knee and I can’t stand running so w’eve been jumping rope, doing dryland, and abs.  It’s a good routine, but it needs to become more of a habit. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Praying for one more cambio here in my beloved Riberalta.  We have 2 with baptism dates, one who assisted [hahahaha Spanglish!]…. attended….. after only 1 lesson!  Yes por fin! and a wedding to plan. Last night Hermano Marcos proposed to Hermana Lizzie! “Will you marry me for the eternities?” is exactly what he said!  In Spanish of course. I filmed it and wanted to cry and when he dropping to one knee my heart was so gone, she cried, I almost cried it was beautiful.  Elder Sanders gave Hermano Marcos a ring that he found here in da mish, that he was saving for his future wife, but decided this purpose was a lot more noble! It was wonderful!  They also baptized Hermano Isaac that also lives with la familia Rivera Sanchez. Their eldest son is preparing for the mission and they are great.  So Hermano Marcos will be getting married and baptized April 9 and we starting to teach his little sister this week who is 15.  I am so so so psyched and grateful to see this sort of progress here in the area!

Asistencia (attendance at church this week) was HUNDRED AND SEVENTY!!! The highest the rama has seen in probably a year or 2.  Oh it is wonderful la obra de salvacion!  I love being an missionary!

This weekend was perfect missionary weather!  Rainy and dreary and overcast and genuinly a little cold on Friday, especially when there’s a mountain of falles (broken appointments) and you have to walk for literally hours straight(basically what happened 3 out of 5 days this week hahaha), we just sing oh esta todo bien when that happens.

I think that’s about the most exciting stuff that’s happened.  Other than we’ve both been like SUPER TRUNKY for marriage and babies this cambio haha, so many cute young couples preparing for marriage with chubby little babies.  And we don’t now with who or exactly when but we will be getting married someday! bahaha, life is good, and everyone’s shocked that I’ve been saying “yo quiero casarme yaaaaa!”  It’s been a good cambio with Hermana Vega, and it’s gonna be another good one to follow!

Hna E Butikofer
Medetizar: Alma 42:30

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