April 4, 2016 {Week 42}: Still in Riberalta!


Yes, I have one more cambio here in Riberalta, to finish up 9 months here which constitutes la mitad de mi misión!  I know ‘Ill be going to the city after this transfer and I’m ready.  I’ve suffered the heat of Riberalta and now I’m ready to suffer to months of chilly weather in my prettier clothes haha.
oh! Hermana Sedano left (she completed her mission) and was una pescadora de hombres en conferencia in Lima this past weekend bajajaja.  AND Hermana Nelson is training a cute little girl from Trujillo(Trujillo sur no se precupe), Hermana Azabache!  Her Spanish is going to change a lot– trensar=simbar, sandalia=chinela, gaseosa=soda, tarantula=pasanca, hahaha, she trusts a lot in Hermana Nelson to help her with the new words.  Hermana Nelson is also the new Hermana Capacitadora, so I will be staying with Hermana Azabache when they travel next week to concilio.  Excited to be apart of her training too! Hoping I can be a good example.

We have a lot to do this transfer to prepare people for baptism.  I love seeing people make the decision to more fully follow the example of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone having the authority to act in the name of God.

Oh yeah, so I have these 2 weird leaf plant nut things on my desk that have just been hanging out for a couple months and they were growing some fungus so I decided to wash them down with some bleach.  Washed the first one, no pasa nada.  Open the second one AND THE ANTS ARE BUILDING A FLIPPIN ANT HILL IN IT!  There’s little maggot baby ants and little ants and big ants and IT WAS ON MY DESK. It was gross and shocking so I will be slipping them in a ziplock bag and saving them for quite a bit of time haha.
The talk I want to share with you from conference this week is the one by Quentin L. Cook about temples.  Prophets since the beginning have prophesied about these last days, about us!  And the abundance of temples and the pestiliences and storms in diverse places, and the sicknesses and the wars are all part of the fulfillment of all these prophecies, for the Lord has and is declaring them through the mouths of His holy prohpets!  How blessed we are to have a prophet on the earth today and 150 temples of the Lord to find solace in these troubling times and to be protected against the adversary.  I love the Gospel and I know that it can protect and bless us throughout every moment of our lives.
I hope y’all have a great week and remember to change your lives.  I really think each of you should sit down and read the Book of Mormon and the Bible and think about what it is you believe and what it is you want to know and where it is you are going.  The spirit will show the truth unto you of all things.  Follow it and find your footsteps following the path and exampe of Jesus Christ.
I love you!
Hna E Butikofer
Medetizando: Isaiah 58:11
PS Sorry for my poor English…….

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