April 11, 2016 {Week 43}: Sorry for the Spanglish

So I have a bit to share today and it’s not very directional, entonces lo siento(sorry) in advance…

So the heat came back and it’s hotter than heck and we’ve had OODLES of dry lightning storms, one that really scared me Wednesday night where I screamed, jumped, and locked the window all in like 5 seconds haha, it was brighter than noonday outside with that thunderous flash of lightning.  We also left the windows open one day and found cat foot prints in the house haha. Sometimes it’s the little things you miss– right now I’m missing the 4 seasons, I’ve been in perpetual summer for like 9 months yeah…. haha

I finished Isaiah en Español!  Took me 3 months, but it’s an accomplishment!  I know a lot more about the second coming, prophesies of Christ’s life, and also His abiding love for us!  One scripture that stood out to me this week was Isaías 51:12 (link in English)- “quien eres tu para que tengas miedo del hombre, que es mortal?”  The mortal part hit me yesterday while I was thinking about it…  Mortal things only exit in THIS life, they don’t count en la vida venidera(the afterlife, or life to come).  We can’t take those things with us mas alla!  The things that really count are immortal.  And what is immortal are covenants sealed by the power of the priesthood on earth and our knowledge and faith in the Lord and our understanding of the scriptures.  It’s not worth it to focus on lucre if it can’t really actually do anything for us in the long run!  Wickedness never was happpiness, material things are a happiness that die when we die,  spiritual things are a hapinness eternal just like we will be after the resurrection!  entonces, a question to ask everyday– “Am I doing something that will actually bring me eternal happiness? or only temporal happiness?”

Which brings me to another point– yesterday we had una noche de hogar con las hermanas aqui en la casa!  We did la armadura de Dios(armor of God) and dressed Hermana Azabache up with the inspiration being Doctrine & Covenants 27:15-18!  It was super fun and being prepared with daily prayers scripture study and a small favorite scripture in mind keeps us protected from the daily fiery darts of the adversary.  As we are preparing He is preparing too!  So we need to be ready and be careful and always remember who it is we are working for– because the obrador is deserving of his salary(deeeep scripture spanglish haha).  So there are like 3 basic things we can do to be deserving of a salary with Christ and our Father in Heaven– 1. be faithful  2. endure 3. be ready

Like the 10 virgins we don’t know when the bridegroom will come but our lamps and oil need to be ready and prepared to receive Him– if they aren’t He will say “I never knew you”(spanglish sorrrry).  Listos siempre listos.(Ready, always ready.)

Anyway I had a weekend with Hermana Azabache because the sisters traveled to the city for concilio.  We had a grand time working the areas and walking all over the place.  I enjoy working in a different area from time to time with new people and faces, it means that I have to almost completely rely on the Spirit to know what to teach and what commitments to extend.  It was a really spiritually edifying 3 days with la nueva hermanita!  I loved it!  She’s a good little sister who just needs to be refined by the Spirit, lots of practice, and more experiences.  Going around with her and a sister preparing to leave for the mission I felt a lot of responsibility to direct the lessons and help them share their thoughts and teachings and experiences with the Spirit.  I was a little nervous even haha!  Love mi ciudad de Riberalta.  Soy la hermana Riberalteña entonces jajaja

Okay, so I have a new phrase that I would like to share!  “No soy perfecta, pero estoy esforzandome a ser obediente.”  I’m not perfect but I am doing my best and trying my hardest to be obedient.

There’s alot more I could say on this subject and I still have half an hour of internet time, but I think I would like to leave it at that.  Just remember to be better and do better.  The Atonement exists for a reason.  Use it!  Everyday!  Remember it’s cleansing power as you take the sacrament every week.  Remember the name of Him who is mighty to save as you go about your daily lives.

I love you and I pray for ya’ll much!  The Lord has grand plans for each of you and do your best to seek His will.  He’s only a prayer away.

Hna E Butikofer

Hermana Azabache and our armor of God activity.
The heat has returned!
I love Riberalta!  The red clay and the motos make me feel at home.
We helped a woman wash clothes this week.  
Hermana Azabache new hymn book and mine 10 months old.

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