May 9, 2016 {Week 47}: IDK what week it is

I left my little notebook at the house!!  and internet is being iffy, but you should get some photos from last week.  Man, my little notebook has all the stuff I wanted to share with y’all….. I guess I’ll just follow the spirit like always!

So when the sisters were at concilio(mission council meeting), Hermana Azabache and I had to travel to Guayara(if y’all remember she fell down last Saturday SUPER HARD at the wedding).  We were Guayara a total of 2 hours, but on the way home we got an air conditioned truck all to ourselves, yeahhhhh buddy.  That was nice.  She had to get x-rays, her tailbone is broken. [I asked Erin why they had to travel to Guayara to get x-rays.  Apparently the lone x-ray machine in Riberalta was out of commission.]

We had a mouse in our toilet this week!  We think it came up through the drains.  Hermana Nelson hit it with a broom until it got dizzy and then drowned it with a weegie.  It was sad to hear it scream and watch it struggle a little bit, but gotta do what you gotta do.  Photos next week(cross your fingers!) [hahahahahahahahaha]

Had a really great interview with Presidente Zambrano this week, he visisted here in Riberalta, for his last vists here en el Beni en su misión.  He and his wife are finishing up the 28th of June or July, I think July.  I’m excited to be apart of a mission as it just hands from one just and righteous man to another, it’ll be neat to see if there are any changes. 🙂

Got to skype home too yesterday!! and I even got to talk to Abby!  Her Spanish I think must be really different………. its gonna be super weird to talk with her in Spanish when we get home.  The next time I see their faces will be in my house in December…. my how time flies.  Cambios are next week, so we will see if Riberalta gets stuck with me for another 6 weeks or not hahahahahah 😉

I would just like to bear a short testimony with y’all about the love God has for us.  I know sometimes it seems like He is not listening, or sometimes like He is far away… but really He’s not.  He is in the great big blue sky we live under, He is in the stars you can only see when all the electricty goes out in your city, He is in the funny accents of the people you talk to everyday, and His voice is in the scriptures.  I know His hand is my life and He is in yours too.  He loves us infinitely, so it is our duty and our pleasure to keeps His commandments and follow His will.  He loves us a whole bunch and never forget it.  Never forget that you are His son or daughter.  Child of the Almighty.

I pray for many of you, I write these letters every week, with a spirit of prayer and preparation because I want the Gospel for each of you.

Have a great week!  I love you to my Bolivian moon and back(jijiji, the moon’s the same………)

Hna E Butikofer

Medetizar Alma 5:42-46(yo creo……..)


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