May 16, 2016 {Week 48}: Transferred!

Well, I had cambios and a bit of a culture shock!  Elder Guthrie left for Viru Viru(his entire mission spent in various areas alla en Riberalta), Elder Anderson left to be leader de zona(he’s a really good missionary, trained about 4 times even!), and I am in a trio en Trinidad en Pompeya!

There are no elders in our ward, and this ward happens to have a BUNCH of money.  I have forgotten what people other than Riberalteñas looked like.  I actually saw an iPhone for the first time in 9 months, they have soooo much money here.  [After the poverty of Riberalta, I am sure “soooo much money” is relative.]  Man, the culture shock is weird.

Downside-  I’ve been sick literally all week. From Wednesday afternoon until yesterday inside the house.  I had a headache like nothing I have ever felt before!  It was the WORST pain of my life.  Didn’t sleep for 2 days. All I did was half doze and moan it was terrible.  The doctor said it was a sinus infection.  I woke up this moprning having a hunger something fierce(ate a salteña), and now I feel pretty good!  Still taking some antibiotics, but that awful headache is gone, finally. I did get a blessing though from Elder Cochran(unos de los lideres de zona aqui), which made me cry.  The take away I think would be “count your blessings and be of good cheer” I need to put that up on my wall.  I did redo my wall!  So that’s good!

Anyway, so I heard a cool story from Hermana Vega.  As y’all know I’ve visited Trinidad several times over the past several months for a variety of reasons(immigrations, conferences), and have spent a couple days with different sister missionaries in different areas of Trinidad. But apparently the old lideres de zona used to call the sisters on transfer day and say “You’re having a BUTIKAMBIO!” Which is just about the most hilarious thing ever bahahahaha, so when Hermana Vega came to Riberalta they told her “Hermana Vega pack your bags you have a Butikambio!!!!” bahahaha. So this time I had a Butikambio to Trinidad!!!  Hermana Wilkinson and Hermana Rivera are my companions.  Hermana Lopez is now in my beloved Riberalta with Hermana Vega, Elder Sanders, and an Elder Bustos(Creo??).  I left Riberalta in Hermana Vegas and Elder Sanders hands, so it should be good and safe.

Yeah, so apparently Trinidad is in a Sur until June, so the weather is basically perfect and my clothes are waaaayyyy underdressed for Sundays and the kind of people we are visiting.  But oh! I only paid 49 Bolivianos in overweight baggage charges! ….well I did leave a rather large stack of books in Riberalta to be sent with the missionaries the next time they go to mission council meeting in Santa Cruz, soooooo there’s that.

I’m sorry, I’ve been sick all week, and haven’t really had time to prepare my group email like I normally do. agggh I feel bad, but it’ll be better next week!  I promise!

Love y’all! Have a good week stateside and stay safe.  Live the way you should and make good decisions!!

Medetizar: Helaman 13:38
But behold, your days of probation are past; ye have procrastinated the day of your salvation until it is everlastingly too late, and your destruction is made sure; yea, for ye have sought all the days of your lives for that which ye could not obtain; and ye have sought for happiness in doing iniquity, which thing is contrary to the nature of that righteousness which is in our great and Eternal Head.

Hna E Butikofer

Airport goodbyes…leaving my Riberalta family

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