May 23, 2016 {Week 49}: A couple of thoughts on Trinidad

Wahoo!  Hola mis amigos queridos!

I’m doing good here en Trinidad, adapting to a new lifestyle and visiting with very different kinds of people than those en Riberalta.  I tried cow udder yesterday…. it wasn’t that bad, suavecito and looks like pollo but tastes kiiiind of like beef.

There is WAAAAY less stress here en Trinidad because I don’t have to worry about falles, about activities, be concerned about not having members in lessons, it’s not insufferably hot outside(este Sur is suppose to last until July!!)  I do however need my cute clothes and they are all locked away in the ciiiity!!!) [if you recall, when she went to Riberalta she could only take one suitcase and had to leave the other one locked away in the mission office], I don’t eat the same thing for lunch everyday, I’m not eating pan y Triny todos los dias por cena, life is good!!  It is weird that people have money here and nice things and big cars and that we use taxis frequently.  There are A LOT more mosquitos here, and all the sewage just goes into the gutters next to the street(the water is black…. don’t touch it) and so if you breath in that dust you can get sick.  I think I’m gonna be a good bit of time here en Trinidad. And it’s weird to have different elders around haha…..

oh! How to speak camba!
1. drop the s and make it a j (the h-sound) at the end of words, por ejemplo pues is now puej o nosotros es nosotroj
2. change the accent mark so that instead of escÚchame, dicimos escuchÁme, or instead of pasame its pasÁme.
3. Talk en Vos(pronounces Boh) form

I’ve had a bit of time changing my accent here to be more camba, and reading the scriptures out loud…… it’s weird haha

I just wanted to real quick share a little bit of my testimony of the Savior with y’all.

I am so grateful and, I don’t really have words to express the love I have for my Savior and all that He has done for me.  He suffered and bled and died so tht I can be a better person!  He felt everything I have EVER felt or will feel.  He knows EXACTLY what it means to be me, or anyone for that matter.  I am so grateful for the power of the Atonement so that I can repent and be a better person.  Gosh I wish I had understood the Atonement years ago, so that I would’ve been nicer and friendlier and more faithful as a high school kid and as a daughter.  But I’ve had my second chance and I’m trying to profit from it as much as I can!!  I love Christ… without the Atonement we wouldn’t be able to overcome the fall of Adam which was our spiritual death and also brought about physical death, but if he hadn’t fallen we wouldn’t be here tampoco and the world wouldn’t be filled with people and then the great plan of God would have ceased to exist.  Just everything makes sense because of Christ, life is because HE is, we can return to our Father in Heaven becasue of Christ.  It just makes me so happy and puts me at awe that He would die for me and you and EVERYONE.  I have so many scriptures running through my head right now, but they are all in Spanglish, so we are just going to leave it at that.

Medetizar: 3 Nephi 12:41
And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

Hna E Butikofer

PS love y’all!! Have a great week, use the Atonement to do better and be better!

My desk in Riberalta
My new companions in Trinidad
A pile of cow bones in the backyard of someone in Trinidad
Another picture of my new companions. I feel so tall.
A final pictures of the missionaries I have grown to love in Riberalta.  I will miss them.
A final view of Riberalta from the lighthouse.  I hope to return someday.
Weather is nice so hair is down.

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