June 27, 2016 {Week 54}: Two Gringas Taking on Trinidad Alone!

So CAMBIOS!!  Hermana Wilkinson and I are opening Central (a new area for missionaries) here in Trinidad without a latina!!  We are so excited to be comapnions, hopefully, and probably until Hermana Wilkinson finishes up here in 3 months.  Hermana Wilki is the best and one of my best friends.  Also HERMANA NELSON CAME BACK!!  She got transferred here to Trinidad too!  I now we had a bit of a rough go at it initially but I am so PSYCHED to have Hermana Nelson in the house!  I feel like the Lord has like given us another MAJOR reminder that we are supposed to be friends as a part of His great and eternal plan for our lives, so I am hoping we will be able to develop ever greater lasos de amor ❤ (bonds of love). And Hna Piscoya is here in the house, so maybe we will be able to make some amends.

Our new district leader is ELDER QUISPE! My zone leader from Riberalta!  We also have 3 of the new elders here in the mission, nuevingos del CCM en Lima Peru!  It’ll be fun to help pàrtcipate in their training a little bit.

Central should go good, although I am VERY disappointed in the sisters that were here before us, they did not keep a good carpeta de area.  But Hermana Wilki and I are excited to be here and help build up the ward again and get the area going.  It’s kind of dead, pàrtially due to the fact its been closed for 6 weeks, but also because of lack of previous work.  We are gonna put our shoulders to the wheel as they say and get down and dirty with contacting and finding new menos activos y los escogidos del Señor.  We are working with Elder Carver (who is training and finishing up in 2 transfers) y Elder Huanci a nuevingo de la sierra en Peru up in the north.  And Elder Carver only has one transfer here, so the 4 of us are basically learning together.  Although the elders have a couple baptisms planned for the next several weeks, so we are hoping to join them on the baptism train too.  Sunday was a really good day to get to know some of the members and try and put names and faces together.  Gotta build some trust and get some movement going on.

This is Presidente Zambrano’s last PDay here in Bolivia.  Its gonna be weird to call up Presidente and it won’t be him…  But I personally am excited to learn from a new and inspired servant of the Lord.

Side note: My foot is FINALLY getting better!

I finshed el Libro de Mormon this week for the second time out loud in Spanish!  Good thing too, becuase it is SOOOO much harder to speak Spanish when its just 2 gringas wandering around together, a menos solamente hay una choca bajajaja.

EL SUR came back today!! We are super happy! The cold is better than the heat.  And it’s mandarin season!  So we’ve been eating mandarins everyday as we going wandering around trying to follow directions and get to know the area.  And the members aren’t as well off here as in Pompeya but DANG THE HOUSES IN OUR AREA ARE HUGE!  We are planning on contacting algunos de los ricos en nuestra area tambien.  Good thing I lost all fear of contacting last week.  I’m just not scared of sharing the Gospel anymore or knocking doors or talking to people– literally all they can do is say no.  Nothing else.  People, generally speaking, are nice.  If they don’t want to meet with us they kind of just don’t answer the door and just stay in their houses, even if we can see them and we’ve made eye conact bahaha.  Yesterday some dude, drove by on his moto, glanced at us and kept going.  Well when the people didn’t come out of the house we turned and started walking down the street.  As we are walking away, HE COMES BACK, PARKS HIS MOTO AND GOES INSIDE THE VERY HOUSE.  It was hilarious and kind of sad. bajaja

I think that’s about it for the week. I don’t have a lot of other things prepared for the week.

I love y’all a lot, many of you are in my prayers by name everynight so I hope you can feel the little paquetes de amor throughout your day!  Talk next week!  Be safe and happy!!

Hna E Butikofer

Recommended reading:

The Book of Mormon duh haha
Medetizar– Moroni 9:6
And now, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligentlyfor if we should cease to laborwe should be brought under condemnation; for we have labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God.


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