July 25, 2016 {Week 58}: Another good week

I am out of time! I was emailing a new little sister that will be coming here soon, so I have NO TIME to write anything, I feel terrible, but please bear with me in patience 🙂

So not a lot of photos this week, because I looked like Quasimodo for about half the week due to my eye getting all swollen, AGAIN, for like 3 days…. but it’s good now, with some eye drop medication.

The new phrase for my mission— “I didn’t choose the big booty life, the big booty life chose me.” So obviously as I’ve gained weight on the mission and apparently it all goes to my booty, so there are now several skirts that I can no longer leave the house in because they are no longer appropriate, tis really sad….. 😦 on another note, I’ve decided just to let my eyebrows go and not pluck them anymore until I get home, it’s too much effort.

Work is hitting a standstill again this week, but we are starting with family history and indexing on Wednesday which we are super psyched for and lots of ward activities to support, so we are hoping for things to start looking up again.  I can’t believe the transfer is almost over and that Hna Wilki only has like 2 months left!!  I’m gonna miss her!!  She is my best friend.

I ate fisheye from a piranha head soup this week!!!  It didn’t really taste like anything, but I will DEFINITELY be making fish head soup for my family when I get home, so watch out….. muahahahheheheheeeeeheeheee

The heat hasn’t come back entirely yet, but it is definitely getting hotter. oh! We played kickball last week as a zone— BEST IDEA EVER! Except for the latinos don’t know anything about baseball, so we couldn’t get into any “complicated” fouls or outs…. but let’s just say I went hoarse from getting too excited and yelling hahaha

We almost got bit by really big dogs this week like twice, but we threw rocks and shouted and clapped our hands and they went away. No harm no foul!

We also met an American who is having a bit of a rough time and was in the
hospital.  He is friends with a little Christian girl that eats lunch with us, so we went and shared a litle bit from DyC 122 and said a prayer in English, he cried, and it was really neat(he is African-American and from Miami and has a really comforting accent that remineded me of home!!!!!!!) It’s been a good week.

I’m gonna try and send more pictures home and I have NO TIME for in depth thoughts this week, but just remember your blessings every week and that God is in charge of your life…. just be faithful, follow the Spirit, and do what Jesus would and say what He would.

Love y’all oodles, please write me letterrrrrrrrs!

Hna E Butikofer

medetizar– Doctrine & Covenants 75:5 “And thus, if ye are faithful ye shall be laden with many sheaves, and crowned with honor, and glory, and immortality, and eternal life.”

Recommended reading DyC 122



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