August 8, 2016 {Week 60}: Another good week

Okayyyyy,  I’ve let my time sort of get away from me and I forgot what my medetizar is for next week so yall will get a double dose next week.

El 6 de agosto is Bolivia’s independnece day, so of course they have a 4-day weekend so lessons have been and will be a little slow here in the beginning of the week.

I’m staying here en Central con Hna Wilki BUT we got a NEW COMPANION!  We are now in a trio con la OTRA Hna Nelson de Idaho and I will be matando a dos ahora en Septiembre, y supongo that I will train when they die and that I’ll just stay here en Central til December.

It’s offically, OFFICIALLY getting hot, but it’s still manageable for the time being.  We are currently 9 sisters in the mission cause ALL of the Latinas, including my 5 other companions, have all gone home and finished up with the mish.  Big changes here in the mission, this concilio(Hna Wilki y mi Hna Nelson estan alli ahorita) will bring A LOT of new changes I am sure.  So we are all gettting prepared for that.  We are now 7 in the house and I might turn into a hermit again like I did in college, because it is just A LOT of people in one house.

We met an American who is having a lot of problems right now but we are gonna start teaching him, bum bum bum, IN ENGLISH….  It’s SO weird to talk about the Gospel, to TEACH the Gospel in English.  The 3 of us were all like “ohmygosh did we just cross a line, was that too direct, was that okay… he’s American, does my English even make any sense??))” it’s just plain weirdddd….

And then our menos activa por rescatar, Hna Eulalia, is ON FIRE.  She walks to church every Sunday, she even did her Family History with us and she’s reading the scriptures again, and she’s always prayed, but she’s even started inviting the other less active family members she has to come to church with us.  She is the best and such a good example to other more active members too!

We got politely kicked out of 2 families’ homes this week… some of these people we will see at judgement day.  It’s really, really sad when people reject the truth especially after you’ve gone and testified and felt the spirit work through you and nothing.  They still don’t want it, it hurts the soul a little bit.

We finally tried torta de 3 leches!! Totally delicious and now I have the recipe. Get turnt.  I am super psyched haha.

I think that’s about it for the day, I’m sorry for the lack of a good spiritual story, I need to review my email from last week, but I’ll try again next week to send something really good for y’all!!!

I love you and I hope and pray ALWAYS that things are going well there stateside, we always hear crazy things from people, but I’ll just have to go on and see for myself bhahahaha.

Song of the week that’s been stuck in our heads(but obviously sung with the word Bolivia jajaja)–

Hna E ButikoferIMG_9388.JPGIMG_9390.JPGIMG_9393.JPGIMG_9395.JPGSAM_4225.JPGSAM_4191.JPGSAM_4193.JPGSAM_4226.JPGIMG_9383.JPG


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