August 29, 2016 {Week 63}: Maraton Misional

So Presidente y su esposa nos visitaron este semana and they gave us a Book of Mormon challenge! To finish it before they come to visit again, which should be in about 2 months, and to mark atributes of Christ, His titles, and then I took it upon myself to jot something down that I learn from every page…  It’s a really good exercise thus far and ‘Im heading into chapter 11 so.  That is where my medetizar comes from this week, about the one eternal God who is the same yesterday, today and forever.  I read a lot in the General Conference session from abril this past week so that is where my RECOMMENDED READINGS come from 🙂

So we got the biggest compliment this week from a sister– she said “ustedes están felices, sonriendo, riendo.  Yo sé que también tienen dificultades, todos tiene, pero siempre son felices.” and its true!  The work is about being HAPPY and sharing the Gospel with a SMILE.  It is something that can make ANY of us eternally happy, even here on earth a pesar de que In real life, we face actual, not imagined, hardships. There is pain—physical,emotional, and spiritual. There are heartbreaks when circumstances are very different from what we had anticipated. There is injustice when we do not seem to deserve our situation. There are disappointments when someone we trusted failed us. There are health and financial setbacks that can be disorienting. There may be times of question when matter of doctrine or history is beyond our current understanding.”

But with the Gospel those thiongs are manageable.  We can still be happy even when things don’t make any sense because we KNOW who we are and who Gos is and that He loves us infinitely and that things can always turn out for the better.  The positivity of the Gospel is somehting I LOVE and didn’t appreciate at ALL before the mission.
All of this has lead me to totally change many of my HS phrases.

Nelida got baptized this week!  She’s a really fantatsic little señora that we’ve been teaching who was TOTALLY prepraed for the Gospel. She loves reading the scriptures even though she can hardly see enough to read but she always has the best questions and asks for more reading assignments.  Excited to have her as a recent convert to teach and love!!

Yesterday we had an EPIC rainy day. Got aqua de muerte ALL OVER ME and we were all soaked through. Hermana Eulalia’s calamina roof got bent in half!  So we had to go find her a carpa and it almost carried me away and it was raining and windy and thundering and we were totally soaked.  We almost cried seeing that half of her roof was gone, it was a little rough keeping it together. But we helped her out and I felt pretty awesome!  I sent a selfie of us with her and her little nieto Andival que es uno de nuestros amigitos.

This week I’ve deicided to try on focus on leaving every day thankful!!  I did this in college, but I lost the habit here on the mission. I’m going to write down three things I am thankful for everyday– gotta get on it!

We found out that only 5 instead of 7 sisters will be getting here, here and in a couple weeks, so there will be somewhat less stress, but still a lot jajaja.  Although I’m excited for new faces and new experiences!!

Anyway…. our week of activities also went really well, practically thanks 100 percent to Elder Carver(well and Elder Huanci). We (las hermanas) aren’t allowed to stay out anymore past 8pm so….  but it was a success.

Oh! One more thing before I forget!!

We are sooooo deep in Spanglish, SO DEEP….. these are things we say:
“Prestame your Biblia?”
“He mats people.”
“Saque the paja out of your eye.”
“I want some pan.”
“Can I probe your omelete?”

We’ve gotten to a sad sad point bajajajajajajaja!

Have a really super duper happy great week. I’m just gonna be work work work and working away here in Bolivia but I love you alllllll.  I know that big changes can happen in each of you so MAKE ‘EM HAPPEN!!

Hna E Butikofer

1 Nephi 10:19 For he that diligently seeketh shall find; and the mysteries of God shall be unfolded unto them, by the power of the Holy Ghostas well in these times as in times of old, and as well in times of old as in times to come; wherefore, the course of the Lord is one eternal round.



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