November 7, 2016 {Week 73}: A Bucket and a Bowl

I’d like to share with you a little introduction to my new companion, Hermana Ipson. The two of us actually have A LOT in common, which is surprising because neither of us were expecting to have very much in common at all. But she’s a fellow orch dork…plays piano, violin and viola, she has a nice voice, she ran track and doesn’t like competitions or adrenaline either AND her favorite ice cream is BEN AND JERRYS PHISH FOOD just like mine!! Apparently her family found my blog before the mission and really enjoyed it haha. Her mom cried looking at the pictures… we realized it was my blog that they had been reading and looking at becasue she started telling a story she read on “a” blog and I was like ‘hey, that’s my story’…. BAJAJAJAJA we busted up laughing!  We get along great.

And, oh we haven’t had water in the house for 3 days. We finally “showered” after 2 days yesterday with a bucket and a bowl and so that’s been fun and [public service announcement] you actually waste WAY less water!

On another note, we had a freak sur this week.  AND WE FNALLY HAVE PERMISSION TO BUY AND WEAR OUR OWN PANTS YESSSSS!!  Hna Ipson and I are organizing an American churrasco(bbq) hoy dia for Pday. We are gonna be busy with that today for the elders. Also we are going to play ULTIMATE today. Gotta get pumped because I haven’t played that since Hna Piscoya se cayo por un mango bajajajaja. Also, I found jeans for 10 bolivanos($1.44)! I’m the best ever wooooooop.

Con mucho amor,
Hna E Butikofer

Hna Ipson


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