November 28, 2016 {Week 76}: Last Full Week in the Mission Field

Well I haven’t thought as much about this letter as maybe I should have, but don’t worry I still have ONE MORE LETTER TO WRITE.  I might die.  But that’s okay, all in the service of the Lord.  I still don’t really feel like I’m going home anytime soon, like the work continues no mas.  With or without me, so I hope it can be with me as long as I am here.

Anywhos, a couple of stressful intercambios this week– the sisters are the source of all my stress jajaja.  Making sure their carpetas are good and in order, that they are happy and progressing, that they are OBEDIENTE, that their companions are obedient and progressing.  We worried that when Hna Nelson left the house would go to pot, but now I’m really scared for when I leave jajaja! Nawh, the sisters are good, they just are developing in more experience, they all have less than 6 months so.  And no news if new sisters will come yet so.

Also, got ROASTED on Saturday, totally totally burned, no one freaked out as much as me and Hna Ipson did.  I’m working on packing my bags and I’m sliiiiightly worried it will be overweight, but thats okay! jaja

….Like I said this may be the worst letter ever.

So I realized that I get like FREEZING COLD when its only in the mid 60s- so I basically I’m going to look like a crazy person all bundled up when it’s hardly even chilly outside. And then I’m gonna look like a crazy person with RIDCULOUS tan lines on my legs, feet, arms and neck when I go to the pool to swim. So things are gonna be weird. ha

Sad story time.

So we have a really great investigator, Hna Massiel. In case y’all remember her from a picture with Hna Nelson y Hna Wilki, short a little chubby white, small smile, braces she’s been practicing English with us and taking the lessons.  Anyways, so she reads, prays and goes to church every week.  She LOVES the lessons, she shared the word of wisdom and the law of chastitiy with her parents she liked them so much.  Que hermosa! Que bonito en serio.  Anyhow, so we extended baptism date before and she said no with some explanation that a women can’t be married to 2 men relating it to a church or something. Her explanation was confusing. So we explained the priesthood authority and then extended fecha again, she said no, so we dropped her for a little while before going back again to teach.  She is truly a wonderful WONDERFUL investigator– we ALWAYS feel the spirirt in her lessons, she understands everything and completes todos sus compromisos, so we read a little in Helaman 15 y 16 and I felt like we should extend a baptism invitaion gain for the 24th of December(best date EVER to get baptized btw) sand she explained several things and said that she would pray but that she felt she had already received her answer………  I held back tears during her closing prayer(she blessed all of you btw, so I hope y’all have a great week!)…..  As we left the house I just burst into tears and small sobs.  It’s another daughter lost.  I have NEVER felt so sad in the mission for a rejection from someone.  Hna Massiel really is a dear friend and I love her and the Lord loves her and WANTS this for her. She’s been praying for 2 YERAS for someone to come and help her with English and help her in a personal change that she wanted and has experienced, and the Lord sent US to answer that prayer.  And she can’t see it. Yet.  I haven’t cried like that over the slavation of someone in a VERY long time.

But we are having A LOT of success with Gabby y Jose Eric. Todavia no son casados, pero he has turned around and gotten SUPER animado about returning to church, about his wife’s baptism, about getting married, about being an eternal family in a year, about his new baby that’s on the way and everything. It’s really a pleasure to visit with them.

Gonna be taking fotos with the whole world this week so I’m hoping to have a lot for next week.

Not very much of anything else to share with y’all, but I hope all is well at home and that the wintry weather puts everyone in good spirits and that the Christmas spirit les acompañe en cada momento, that we can all turn our hearts to the Lord today, tomorrow and forever.

Hna E Butikofer

medetizar– Alma 58:40
But behold, they have received many wounds; nevertheless they stand fast in that liberty wherewith God has made them free; and they are strict to remember the Lord their God from day to day; yea, they do observe to keep his statutes, and his judgments, and his commandments continually; and their faith is strong in the prophecies concerning that which is to come.


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